Bearcat Brief

September 8, 2017

Notes from Niki

I'm on a podcast kick lately. It passes the time in the car and even when I am in the office catching up on emails or moving piles of papers around on my desk. If you have some time while you are grading or driving to school, some educational ones to check out are Cult of Pedagogy, EdSurge, and Stanford Innovation Lab. I've heard Serial is a great one (non-education related) so that's the next road trip for me.

I'm really excited about Monday and having the chance to get a whole day of PD, not just a rush job after a harrowing, compressed day of school. Thank you to the PDC for putting it together and for all of you who volunteered to present.

Faculty Meeting Agenda

Please review the agenda for Tuesday morning (Sept 12). There are some items to complete prior to the meeting as well some announcements to read.

Agenda can be found by clicking here.

Professional Reading/ Resources:

Upcoming Events

Basketball Games

The girls have been working really hard at practice and games will be starting soon. There are several games where we still need someone to do the clock and/or book. I will give a brief tutorial on Thursday, September 14 as soon as I come in from bus duty for anyone who might want to learn. It pays $25 per night.


September 8- Quick Assembly about dance behavior expectations (6-8 grade), 11:05

September 8- Families in Action Dance, 7:00 (I'd love for you to join me)

September 11-15- National Arts in Education Week

September 11- Professional Development Day

September 12- Faculty Meeting, 7:30

September 13- Administrator's Web Site Training, 11:00- 1:00

September 14- School Pictures- All Staff Picture at 7:30!

September 14- Earthquake Drill, 2:30

September 14- School Board Meeting, 6:00

September 15- Ford Drive for your School Fundraiser for HS FBLA (in school parking lot)

September 17-22- Constitution Week

September 18- 7/8 Grade Girls Basketball vs. Owensville, 5:30

Book- Hosick, Clock- Emmons, Gate- Jennifer, Concessions- Becky

September 19- Fire Drill, 1:15

September 21- 7/8 Grade Girls Basketball @ St. James, 5:30

September 23 (personal plug)- Camp Quality Benefit Crawdad Boil, Dinner, Auction, Raffles, Live Music..... at Purdy's Stoney Hill Hall

September 25- 28- 8th Grade Girls Tourney @Washington

September 25- 7th Grade Girls Tourney

Book- Brethorst, Clock- Hosick, Gate- Heaney, Concessions- Dell

September 26- 7th Grade Girls Tourney

Book- Brethorst, Clock- Hosick, Gate- Dell, Concessions- Alferman

September 27- 7th Grade Girls Tourney

Book- Brethorst, Clock- Maggie, Gate- Emmons, Concessions- Gary

September 28- 7th Grade Girls Tourney

Book- Brethorst, Clock- Angela, Gate- Worland, Concessions- Paige

September 29- Student of the Month Assembly

September 29- Homecoming