Developing & Deepening Resources

The Healing Room at Heartspace

Module Two - 60 minutes

Big picture

Developing & Deepening Resources

Once you have completed (and perhaps repeated) Modules One A & One B, you have familiarized yourself with the room, settled in, and explored its contents. You have found some initial resources. Now you can discover and develop more resources, and deepen the resources you have found.

Alternating Bilateral Stimulation

ABS will strengthen and deepen resources that you find within yourself and wish to develop and integrate.

Remember, The Healing Room is set up with a stereo system that can provide audible Alternating Bilateral Stimulation (ABS) which is a component of EMDR therapy (Eye-Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing). The unique Alternating Bilateral Stimulation sample played continuously in The Healing Room is called Ocean Crossover and mimics ocean waves moving back and forth across the room at a gentle low volume in the background. It has a relaxing effect and supports the neural integration of new perspectives and healing of negatively charged memories, particularly when it is paired with specific tasks.

*Having the ABS playing at a volume loud enough to hear it, but low enough that it seems to fade into the background while you learn these skills, is optimal.


Resources are attributes, qualities, energies, images, feelings, memories, allies and supports that you can access and draw upon in times of need to calm, soothe, re-balance, energize, or encourage you. Resources and be discovered, cultivated, and strengthened and carried with you wherever you go.

Spiritual Resources

The Healing Room is non-denominational; you are invited to call upon your personal spiritual faith, belief, wisdom, and resources to guide you on your journey. Take some time to envision & call upon yours. Pray, meditate. Your spirituality is a big part of your healing.

The Bible, and inspirational and informative readings from Christian, Judaic, Buddhist, other Eastern traditions, as well as non-traditional, New Age are available in The Healing Room.

Getting Started

Start with a deep breath.

Visually orient yourself in the room using the compass directions, zenith star, and feet on the floor. Do the Lotus Mudra, and from the end of Lotus Mudra, take a deep breath, let it out slowly, raising your hands straight up over your head, opening the lotus to open with your arms stretched straight out above. Inhale slowly closing the lotus by bringing your arms back down, elbows at sides, and closed lotus in front of your heart. Repeat several times.

Repeat the orienting phrases from Module One:

"I am here, now, in The Healing Room at Heartspace."

"It is ______day, (month, day, year)."

"This is a safe & healing space."

Take a deep breath.

Do a few standing stretches of your own choosing. You may know some, or you could find them in the yoga materials in the room.

Take a deep breath.

Take out the yoga mat or bolster, and bring the little book called Pausitivity, Buddha's Little Instruction Book, and Alternate Nostril Breathing instructions with you as you seat yourself on the mat, bolster, or loveseat.

Proceed with Alternate Nostril Breathing for 2-3 minutes. Read Pausitivity.

Take a deep breath.

Read pages 5, 11, 16, 27 & 51 in Buddha's Little Instruction Book. These readings pertain to resources.

Take a deep breath.

Find the book, Healing Trauma. Read pages 44-46 and do the exercise on Building Resources.

Take a deep breath.

Card Decks & Books

There are a number of decks of illustrated cards you have seen in your exploration of the room. Some of these cards can be useful for identifying and generating resources. You have used the Labyrinth Cards in Module One, and can continue using those for resources. Additionally, Angel Cards, Medicine Cards and Oracle Cards (large red-backed with Yin/Yang symbol) are well-suited for inspiring resources. There are a couple of books that describe animal spirit totems as well: Medicine Cards & Animal-Speak. Use your imagination & creativity freely as you go.

Look through these sources and contemplate ones that resonate with your inner self. Use your phone to take pictures of any items that feel right for you to look at later to remind yourself and reinforce the thought or possessing that quality.

Labyrinth Maze

Find the Labyrinth Maze in the middle drawer of the desk, and take out the Angel Cards and the Labyrinth Cards. Look through these cards and find 5-10 of them that represent resources you would like to develop. Write these resources on a colored index card.

Unfold the maze and use one of the smooth glass stones to move your way through the maze mindfully as you concentrate on each resource, one at a time. Breathe.

With each resource, think of all the ways this resource could help you. Think of any times in the past when you did have the resource, if possible. Take your time.

After going mindfully through the maze with each resource, take the index card and hold it to your heart, closing your eyes, and imagine drawing in more of these resources with each inhale. With each exhale, imagine releasing anything in you that hinders these resources.

The Moon Deck

Open the wooden box with the inscribed crescent moon and look through the cards. Notice the phrases that captivate your mood or interest. Choose one, and look it up in the enclosed Guidebook. Read and consider the exercises or suggestions made for that card. Some may be done presently in The Healing Room, some could be done later on your own.

Although the Moon Deck was written for women, it is [of course] applicable to men as well.

Resource Collage

Use some paper, colored pencils, and crayons to draw anything that could bring together, integrate, or add to the resources you have gathered. Make a collage from these drawings and items. Take a picture with your phone to keep it and look at it often in the days to come.

Take Your Time/Repeat

All modules are intended to be done unhurried & at your own pace. The designated timeframes are really just a guess. If you don't finish the module you are doing in the allotted timeframe, just note where you left off and schedule another time where you can finish the module. It is also helpful to repeat modules and alter them for your own individual purposes.

Providing feedback in the private group blog at will help us make modifications in estimated time, and improve the overall experience of using The Healing Room.