The Five Belief Systems

Christianity Islam Judaism Hinduism Buddhism

Buddhism and Hinduism


Amount of followers: 376 million

Founder: Siddhattha gotama

Beliefs: five moral precepts

Holy books: none

Places of worship: temples shrine in there home

Leaders: monk

Festivals and symbols: wesak


900 million followers

Doesn’t have any founder

Supreme god brahman

Veda is the holy book

Mandir is the worship

Guru is the leader

Many holy days

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Christianity, Islam, and Judaism

Islam Judaism Christianity

  • they all have holy books
  • they all have gods
  • they all have symbols



  • Muhammad was the founder
  • 5 pillars muslim law

  • Moses was the founder
  • synagogues was where they worship

  • Jesus Christ was the founder
  • Christmas is there most popular holiday

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