CHPS Leadership Body

Morrisa Hong & Maire Sweeney. Which one will you vote for?

Vote for These 2 AWESOME People!

These two competitive girls are going head to head for the CHPS leardership body!

Morrisa's Speech

Hi, today I will be competing against my opponent, Maire Sweeney, for a position in the Canley Heights Public School student body. I am very responsible (According to most teachers!)If I were to be elected, I would be overjoyed. I would find a way to make our school a better place for both the students and the teachers. If students have NO recess or lunch, I will try my best to have a small place in the hall with food. If the student are SUPER bored,he rest of the hall will have a few board games and other things to play with. Helpnig the school around is great so why not try helping little kids? I'll try to arrange something to help little kids have a fun education. So I hope I'll be elected For CHPS's student body!



Maire's Speech

I, Maire Sweeney, am here today to talk about why I want to be Canley Heights Public School student bod.If I were to be elected, I would make sure there is before and after shool care for when your parents can't drop you of at 8:30 or pick you up at 3:00. I'd make sure that you help around the school (e.g. for reading with infants, also help the people make friends).Lastly, I would make sure if your being bullied I will do something about it and I won't tolerant bullying.