8th Grade Return to School 10-19

Information for returning 8th Grade Students

We are excited to welcome our 8th grade students to Alba on Oct. 19!

This newsletter will include some important information and contact info for parents.

We are now preparing to welcome back our 8th grade students who have chosen on-campus learning starting Oct 19. Several of the questions you may have will be answered here.

* Students in PE will not dress out for PE until further notice.

Covid-19 Back to School: The New Normal

Parent Responsibilities:

-Ensure students take responsibility for the device assigned for school use. This includes security transporting, charging, and use of the device. Please see the device check out agreement.

- Cooperate and support teachers, your school, and school district policies. Monitor your child's health daily and keep sick children home.

- Communicate with teachers regularly and as needed. Parents should be receiving weekly email reports from Schoology. Please check your spam folders for these emails if you have not been receiving them.

- Comply with all district requests regarding instruction and submission of assignments.

- Utilize district established hotline 251-221-7777, Option 1

Student Responsibilities

- Participate in Digital Citizenship lessons

- Take responsibility for the student device assigned for school use. This includes securely transporting, charging and use of the device. Students should carry the device in a tech bag daily to and from school. See device check out agreement.

- Login to Schoology (mcpss.schoology.com)

- Be prepared for daily instruction.

- Bring all required materials each day (device, charger, headphones, paper, pencils or pens, etc.)

- Follow teacher's instructions and assigned schedule.

- Focus during instructional time making the most of online and blended learning opportunities.

- Submit all required work through Schoology.

- Ask for help! If you don't understand what you are learning or the content, reach out to your teacher.

- Be engaged in learning!

Bus Information

Find your bus route and bus # here.

Please help your students find their bus number before the first day of school. Students will be assisted finding their bus during dismissal during the first week of school.

If you wish to pick up and drop off your child you can do so at the back of the school (near the football field off of Alba Street).

Please see the map below for details.

Drop off begins at 7:10 each morning. Because of social distancing students can not be dropped off before 7:10.

* Students must be picked up right after school (2:25).

Please note: Buses will be running normal routes. We will make efforts to seat students as far apart as possible, when possible. If parents are able to transport their children to school, please do so to limit the number of students utilizing the buses.

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Bell Schedule

Take in 7:25

Tardy Bell 7:30

Period 1 7:30-8:30

Period 2 8:33-9:26

Period 3 9:29-10:22

Period 4 10:25-11:18

Period 5 11:22-12:30

ยท Lunch waves

o First 11:22-11:42

o Second 11:47-12:07

o Third 12:10-12:30

Period 6 12:33-1:26

Period 7 1:29-2:22

2:22 Bus riders dismissed

2:25 Car riders dismissed

School Year Calendar

School Fees and Supply Lists

School fees can be paid with a check once your students return to school, or you can pay online HERE.

Please click the documents below to see the list of our school fees and apparel available for purchase and our school supply list. We ask that students come to school with basic supplies (paper, something to write with, something to keep materials in, calculator, water bottle) since materials cannot be shared among students.

Water Fountains WILL NOT be available

Please send a water bottle to school with your student. Due to COVID concerns all of our water fountains are unavailable for use. Thank you for helping us keep our students safe!

Contact Information and Important People to Know

Mrs. Rhonda Mayfield, Principal

Mr. Jeremy McGuff, Assistant Principal

Mrs. Glenda Pouliot, Title I Facilitator

Mrs. Dumas- Secretary

Mrs. Vice- Bookkeeper

Ms. Tyler- Librarian- ktyler@mcpss.com

Ms. Collier- School nurse

Mrs. Williams- Counselor- kbwilliams@mcpss.com

Mrs. Deas- Counselor- jedeas@mcpss.com

8th Grade Teachers:

Mrs. Seaman- Social Studies


Ms. Plovanich- English


Mrs. Pittman- Math


Ms. S. Zirlott- English


Mr. Stafford- Science


Mrs. Cornelius- Math Intervention


PE Coaches


Coach Reed rdreed@mcpss.com

Coach Warren jgwarren5@mcpss.com


Coach Goodwin jgoodwin@mcpss.com


Mrs. Boone cboone@mcpss.com

Special Education:

Mrs. Harris- sharris1@mcpss.com

Ms. Morgan

Mrs. Stewart

School Phone:


School Address:

14180 S. Wintzell Avenue

Bayou La Batre, AL 36509

School Website:


Find the School on Facebook!

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