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News You Can Use 3/9/20

English Language Arts (ELA)

This week students will finish their study of our non-fiction mentor text "Weather" and begin a new text "The Same Day in March". Students will still focus on cause-effect relationships and using key details to determine the main idea of various weather-related topics.

In writing, students will work on their news report presentations for Spring conferences. Students are finishing up their scripts and filming will begin Wednesday. The kids are very enthusiastic about this project and you can feel the excitement in the air in 3S!

SPELLING and Grammar

This week's focus will be on VC/CV words (i.e, cre / ate). Students will be focusing on how this particular word pattern divides the word between the first and second vowel of the vowel team.

Students will take their spelling test based on this word pattern on Friday, March 13! Muh-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!


We began our new math unit last week. Unit 6 focuses entirely on geometric shapes and their properties. This week, students will continue to study the various attributes of quadrilaterals and polygons. They will use the tangrams they created last week to help them construct various shapes and explore their many attributes. Students will also "pick" a few shapes when they construct toothpick polygons.

Please consult the Unit #6 Bridges Family Unit Overview that went home last week.

Inquiry (Creative Writing)

This week, the students will be using their inquiry time to create a class book that will be bound and published later this year. Students were super excited when the materials arrived on Thursday! Students had such great ideas for themes that the class decided to make an anthology for our class book. For the next month, students will be learning and experiencing the process that authors and writers must follow to get their books published. Our publishing date is April 27th!

Odds n' Ends

Conference Sign-Up

On Wednesday, February, 19 the conference sign-up for Spring conferences went live. Please consult Mrs. Filippi's Panda Prints for more details on sign-up.

Spring conferences are on Thursday, March 19 from 3-8 and Friday, March 20 from 8-12. Times will be 15 minutes and students will be joining us as stakeholders in their learning.

Jungle Book Performance

Students will be able to see the hard work the thespians have been working on the last few weeks with a Sherwood performance of the Jungle Book. Showing for the students will be during the school day on Friday, March 13th at 1:45 and the showing for the HP community will be at 7pm.

Wall of Honor - Message from MOMC Committee

Dear Families-

April is designated as the Month of the Military Child. At Sherwood, we will be recognizing our military families throughout the month with a variety of events and activities. One of these activities is the creation of a “Wall of Honor” at Sherwood. All students are encouraged to recognize a member of their family who has served in the military by filling out a “Hero” paper. These papers will be displayed throughout the building. In the box on the paper please provide a photograph of your hero. All papers will be given back to you at the end of the month.

Please return the papers by Monday, April 6th. We look forward to honoring all our past and current heroes at Sherwood School.

Homework Reminder

Now that the kids are halfway to 4th grade, I have added some additional homework to help them transition successfully. Each week students will receive a small degree of homework assignments. Students write down their assignments in their agendas every day before dismissal.

Typically (with the occasional exception) these assignments include the following:

  • A math assignment (handed out on Monday; DUE Friday)
  • Reading 20 minutes (every night)
  • ReadWorks/"Book of Knowledge" article (handed out on Mondays/Wednesdays; DUE the next day)
  • Study spelling words
  • Charge Chromebooks

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