4th Grade Newsletter

March 13, 2015

Important Dates

  • Monday, March 16: S.S. Quiz on the War of 1812
  • Monday, March 16: Pictures or Picture Monday due
  • Monday, March 16-Friday, March 20: Spring Book Fair
  • Wednesday, March 18: Bring Q4 Novel to Reading Class
  • Wednesday, March 18 ELA Spelling Quiz #9
  • Friday, March 20: Report Cards go home
  • Tuesday, March 24: Science Vocab Quiz #13
  • Wednesday, March 25: Reading Quiz
  • Wednesday March 25 ELA Grammar Unit 2: Nouns Test
  • Friday, March 27: Unit 7 Math Test
  • Friday, March 27: PVO Bingo Night
  • Monday, March 30: Science Unit 5 Exam Study Guide Due
  • Tuesday, March 31: Science Unit 5 Exam
  • Thursday, April 16-Thursday, April 30 - Milestones Testing Dates (no after school activities)

  • St. Baldrick's Foundation: We have a student that will be shaving his head to raise money for childhood cancer research. If you are interested in more information, or woudl like to donate, please visit www.stbaldricks.org/teams/CoersForKids.

  • NWEA Learning Pathways: lessons in Study Island are linked to your child's MAP score; if all students in homeroom complete at least 15 questions in each section (and pass with a blue ribbon!) the class will get a pizza party.

  • Milestone Study Book Answer Key: if you need to see the answer key for any Coach books purchased, please email Ms. Swiggum at eswiggum@fsaelementary.org


On Level/Advanced: We will begin working with The Watsons Go to Birmingham, learning the historical context of the novel (Civil Rights Movement). Students should have their novels by March 18. In order to prepare students for the Georgia Milestones, we will be reviewing all 4th grade reading standards in class between now and mid April.

Accelerated: We will begin working with Bud, Not Buddy, learning the historical context of the novel (The Harlem Renaissance and The Great Depression). Students should have their novels by March 18. In order to prepare students for the Georgia Milestones, we will be reviewing all 4th grade reading standards in class between now and mid April.

In order to build strong reading comprehension and fluency skills, students should read a non-curriculum book of their choosing for at least 20 minutes every day. Reading logs for all classes are due Monday, March 15.


On Level/Advanced: In the week ahead students will conclude Grammar Unit 2: Nouns. Test is scheduled for 3/25/15.

Spelling Quiz #9, Wednesday 3/18: monster, complete, hundred, exchange, sandwich, surprise, applause, although, conflict, mattress, purchase,merchant, pumpkin, angry, Thursday, ostrich, punctual, address, chestnut, luncheon.

Accelerated: In the first week of the 4th Quarter student will conclude Unit 2: Nouns and review for the unit test on 3/28/15.

Spelling Quiz #9, Wednesday 3/18: congress, English, fortress, expression, conclude, complain, complex, distrust, contribute, explode, umbrella, merchandise, remembrance, concrete, goggles, portray, technique, accomplish, function, membrane.

*All classes will begin Milestones preparations by reviewing ELA and Language Standards. We will practice close reading and extracting source information to support an argument. Another key objective will be understanding prompts and academic language to decipher questions and respond appropriately.


Thank you so much for sending in treats to help celebrate Pi Day - the kids loved it!

On Level and Advanced: Next week, we will begin to calculate area and perimeter of rectangles and squares, and analyze data on line plots.

Accelerated: Next week, we will begin to calculate area and volume.

All Classes: The next math test will be on Friday, March 27. A study guide will be sent home on Friday, March 20.

In preparation for the Georgia Milestones, we have been working on writing in math. Students are expected to write 5-8 sentences when explaining their constructed response math problems. We have been working on this each day during Warm Up, and will review all math topics before testing begins.


Next week we will begin discussing Force and Motion including topics such as speed, velocity and acceleration. This will include daily labs. The students will be responsible for answering the lab conclusions at home for homework, unless they were able to finish in class. Good conclusions include the following:

  • Discussion of the hypothesis. Where you right/wrong?
  • Discussion of the data. Use some numerical data but not too much.
  • Answer the actual question that was asked in the beginning. Based on your experiment and data, what did you figure out? Were there variables that had an effect on your result?

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The Atlanta Science Festival is happening soon. Check out the link for more information:


Social Studies

Students will examine the main ideas of the abolitionist and suffrage movements and explain the significance of Sojourner Truth’s address to the abolitionist and suffrage movements.

Quiz Monday on The War of 1812

Mrs. Dempsey

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