Morning Notes

Tuesday 6 January

Welcome back - wishing you all a happy, healthy and energized start to Term 2!

New Students - Welcome!

We have 3 new students joining Halcyon today!

  • Jordi Elliott (Grade 9) is from Australia and he will be joining Mr. Jones & Ms. McDonald's advisory group.
  • Harper Elliott (Grade 6y) is also from Australia and he will be joining Ms. Cooke & Miss Dutton's advisory group.
  • Antonia Guy (Grade 9) is from the UK & USA and she will be joining Ms. Lin & Ms. Zago's group.

We have 2 new students joining later in the term:

  • Matilde Markussen (Grade 6x) is from Denmark and she will be joining Mrs. Jones & Mrs. Watson's advisory group.
  • Sofie Markussen (Grade 7) is from Denmark and she will be joining Mr. Jones & Ms. McDonald's advisory group.

Extra-Curricular Activities TERM 2 - Commencing Monday 12 January 2015

Please see the new extra-curricular activity selection below. Speak to your advisor about signing up.

Please view more details on the activities here [link].

MONDAY Lunchtime 1245-1320

1. Student Council with Ms Fritz (Lab)

2. Violin with Laura Virtanen (private tuition) (F01)

3. Drama Club with Mrs Watson (T01)

4. Homework Club (rota) (S01)

MONDAY After-School 1545-1630

1. Choir Club & Private Singing Lessons (F04)

2. String Quartet (F01)

TUESDAY Lunchtime 1245-1320

1. Book Club with Mrs Jones & Mr Partridge (T02)

2. Literature in Spanish with Mrs Zago (S01)

3. Piano with Nicholas Pope (private tuition) (F04)

4. Homework Club (rota) (Lab)

TUESDAY After-School 1545-1630

1. Homework Club (rota) (Hub)

2. Football Clubs with Mr Byrne (boys) - commencing after Half Term

3. Drama Club with Mrs Watson (Stern Hall)

4. Piano Lessons (F04)

WEDNESDAY Lunchtime 1245-1320

1. Art Club (S02)

2. Science Fair Club with Ms Fritz (Lab)

3. DP Clinic for Grades 9 and 10 with Mrs Zago & Ms. McDonald (T01)

4. Homework club (rota) (T02)

5. Piano lessons (F04)

WEDNESDAY After-School 1545-1630

1. Table Tennis Academy (Stern Hall)

2. Global Issues Network with Ms Cooke (S01)

3. Drama Club (F03)

4. Homework Club (rota) (Hub)

THURSDAY Lunchtime 1245-1320

1. Parlez-vous Francais? French Conversation Club with Ms Aleu (F01)

2. Model United Nations with Mr Jones (T01)

3. Mandarin Beginners Club (F04)

4. Youth Speaks (T02)

5. Homework Club (Science Lab)

THURSDAY After-School 1545-1630

1. Football Club (co-ed) with Ms Mills - commencing after Half Term

2. Drama Club with Mrs Watson (Stern Hall)

3. Homework Club (Hub)

4. School wide sports club at SLC (4-5)

FRIDAY Lunchtime 1245-1320

1. Action and Service Club (T01)

2. The Fantasy Games Club with Ms Mills (S01)

3.Yearbook Club with Ms. Dutton (T02)

4. Homework Club (Science Lab)

5. Piano Lessons - (F04)

FRIDAY After-School 1545-1700

1. Basketball Club (SLC)

Halcyon Guest Speakers: Renewable Energy, Chemistry and Sustainability

Thursday, Jan. 8th, 3:45pm

33 Seymour Place

Manuel Asali will be coming to speak to Halcyon students (and interested parents) on the issue of renewable energy, chemistry and sustainability. The talk will be this Thursday 8th January straight after school at 3.45pm in the Hub. We hope as many of you will attend as possible.

Any questions, please email

Halcyon Guest Speakers: Saving the Frogs with Professor Fisher

Friday, Jan. 9th, 12:45pm

33 Seymour Place

On Friday lunchtime in the Hub January 9th Professor Matthew Fisher from Imperial College London will be giving his talk on saving the frogs. Please join!

Upcoming Sports Events

Jan 22nd - girls indoor football tournament (Grades 6-10)

Jan 29th - indoor football session open to all students in Grades 6-8 (co-ed)

Feb 5th - indoor football session open to all students in Grades 9-10 (co-ed).

All events at 4-5pm at SLC.

Book of Week

Big image

Title: The Boy on the Porch

Author: Sharon Creech

Summary: Shortlists for the 2015 CILIP Carnegie award - do you think this could win?
A young couple wakes up to find a strange boy asleep on their porch. At first they don't expect him to stay, but stay he does, and as the couple's connection to him grows, the three of them blossom into an unlikely family. But where has he come from and to whom does he belong?

Available: Available digitally through RM Books.

We Want To Hear From You!

Do you have a powerful learning app, tech tip or trick that you think Halcyon staff should be using in their classrooms? We are looking to hear from you at our weekly staff meetings every Monday after school. Please send an email Mrs. Crannell with a short description of what you would like to share and why. Mrs. Crannell will schedule a time for you on the staff agenda to present.

Menu: Snack & Lunch


Fresh Whole Fruit DF/GF

Selection of Biscuits

Lunch Main:

Option 1

Vegetable & Lentil Pasta

Option 2:

Turkish Vegetable Pitta


French Onion (Dairy Free/Gluten Free)

Salad Bar:

Mixed Greens (Dairy Free/Gluten Free)

Greek Salad (Gluten Free)

Steamed Seasonal Veg (Dairy Free/Gluten Free)

Beetroot Salad (Dairy Free/Gluten Free)


Seasonal Fruits (Dairy Free/Gluten Free)

Lost and Found items?

Please visit Emily at Reception for any lost items - we have quite the collection here!

Talk @ Halcyon

In addition to, which is an email address that you can write to with any concerns you have, we also have a created a Google form that you can fill out at any time should you wish to raise awareness of anything either anonymously or with your name attached. Check it out!