Top 3 Tips To Camping With Kids

Top 3 Tips To Camping With Kids

Going camping with your family is a great way to get back to nature and shut off from technology for a while. It’s a great way to share time with your family. Whether you're on a 5 star camping grounds with your caravan and accompanying portable solar panels or you're going bush with your tent and a rod you want to be prepared! So here's three tips to get you through camping with the kids!

Setting Up in Daylight

Be sure to get to the sight during the day time. There is nothing worse than running around with torches trying to set up a generator for lighting. Even then the most simple tasks become a mission. Kids are easily bored and tired at the best of times, we don’t want to test their patience under stress.

Stay Warm

Even when camping during the warmer whether you never know when things can take a turn. It can get pretty chilly at night and there’s nothing worse than trying to sleep when it’s cold or the little ones are crying. So be sure to rug them up for bed.

Get The Kids Involved

You want them to remember camping as a family fun activity where everyone chips in to get the job done. Not only does helping give them a sense of achievement but it also keeps them busy and gives you a chance to relax, enjoy nature and catch up on your latest book!