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Week of February 12, 2018

Why the 100th Day of School is Important

Tuesday, February 13th, pending any snow days, will be the 100th day of school. We celebrate this day as the mid-mark that school is half-way over until summer break. Teachers will come in dressed as 100 year old folks as well as some of our kids. But why do we make such a big deal about it in school? Here are some top 5 reasons to celebrate the 100 Days of School:

1. It’s a milestone for children (and teachers!):

Think about it… for children, especially young children and those in school full days for the first time, reaching the milestone of 100 days of school is a big deal. We talk about all of the learning we have done, and the learning yet to come. We discuss our favorite parts of school so far (recess, anyone?) and what we are looking forward to. We re-visit our hopes and dreams from the beginning of the year, and see if we are on our way to meeting those goals.

2. It’s a way to practice all of the ways to count to 100:

How many ways can you count to 100? In kindergarten, we focus on counting by 1s 5s and 10s. Other grades spend time on 2s and 5s. As the children become older, they are adding and subtracting three digit numbers, and beginning multiplicative reasoning. 100 is a good, round number to focus on.

3. It’s a day that incorporates a number of math concepts:

Patterns, counting, sorting, measuring… you name it, and the concept can be utilized during this day.

4. It’s a way to combine all aspects of curriculum into a focused activity:

The 100th day of school is not only about math. We incorporate reading, writing, science, and social studies throughout the week leading up to and including the actual day itself. It’s a whole curriculum approach to learning, including the social piece of partner work and sharing collections.

5. And finally, it’s a lot of fun!

During our 100th day celebration, we play games, make pictures of ourselves at 100 years of age, eat snacks, create necklaces, glue 100 collections, and much, much more. The children and adults greatly enjoy this day, which combines a lot of fun with a lot of learning.

So there you have it, the reasons why the 100th day of school is important! I hope you have fun helping your child with their collection or figuring out the many ways to count to 100!

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UPK and Kindergarten Registration Is Coming

Pre-kindergarten age: Children must be four on or before December 1, 2018

Kindergarten age: Children must be five on or before December 1, 2018

You can register online using the link below, or by calling 315-287-4914

Please pre-register by February 9, 2018.

For more information call: Donna Runner, Assistant Superintendent at 315-287-4870

Reminder: Make Sure Your Emergency Addresses are Correct on Emergency Sheets

As you know, we are in the months of unpredictable weather patterns. We just want to remind everyone to have the correct place where your child goes in case of an early dismissal. Be aware, that all notes are voided if this is called and we follow the emergency addresses on your emergency sheet. This is for the safety of all our students. When this is called, the office goes into emergency procedures as we only have so long to get our children on the correct buses and dismissal. We will not accept ANY changes over the phone for the safety of our children. Although these days are rare, we have had them, so please be alert to weather patterns. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation for the safety of all!
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What's Ahead

  • Feb 13: 100th Day of School
  • Feb 13: K-Kids Club 3:45pm
  • Feb 13: GES PTO Meeting 6:30pm Elementary Library
  • Feb 14: BSDMT Shared Decision Making Team Meeting 7:30am, Library
  • Feb 14: Valentine's Day
  • Feb 16: 1/2 Day of School Dismissal at 12:05pm
  • Feb 19-23: No School Mid-Winter Break

Gouverneur Elementary Pledge

I pledge to make Gouverneur Elementary a safe and happy place.

I will be respectful, responsible and honest.

I will treat others the way I want to be treated, with gold and blue shining through.

Gouverneur Elementary School, Gouverneur, NY

Gouverneur Elementary School is an exemplary school where we agree to place the welfare of students at the forefront of our decisions. In becoming a school of excellence, we always identify and implement new or enhanced initiatives in the area of curriculum and instruction, provide respectful and professional learning environments, develop and implement planning and support systems and increase faculty, parent and community partnerships.

We are a Responsive Classroom school, so our belief is that the social and emotional curriculum is just as important as the academic curriculum. We pride ourselves to "Delivering The Promise of A Brighter Future!"

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