Become a Collective Farmer!

Brought to you by The Soviet Union Government

What is collective farming?

You may of heard from your relatives or friends about the amazing new life they have as collective farmers but never actually understood what it was! Well, collective farming is when your and other farmers work on a farm or group of farms managed and owned through the state. That's right, since we own the land you are working on, we do half the work for you! We teach you how you should run your farm and make sure you learn the best and most effiecient methods. Also we tell you how much your farm should produce per month and make sure that you reach that quota no matter what!
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The Need for Collective Farming

For years, farmers of the Soviet Union have worked laborious, long hours receiving barely any food or crops in return. However, with more and more citizens becoming collective farmers, there is a much greater increase in agricultural production. Before there was a need for collective farming, the farming system in our state had not changed or advanced as much as it should have. But our great leader Stalin, modernized the farming system and brought to it many new technologies and tools such as tractors which makes farming easier and more efficient. Because of this, the more people who become collective farmers, the stronger our economy and our state will become.

With our great country constantly growing more and more, there has never been a bigger need for food as there is right now. Collective farmers are vital to the state because our countries need them for survival. Without the use of collective farming the state would not be able to produce enough food for everyone which will lead to an increase in food prices and an increase in starvation within the state.

How does Collectivization Work?

How many times have you done something and wished that you had someone to help you or realized that your work load was too much for you to handle on your own? Well, with collective farming you never have to worry about any of those things ever again! When you become a collective farmer you automatically work on a farm with other collective farmers. This means that you all work together, as a team, to get the work done! Before our great leader Stalin, working on the farm was a lot of hard and slow work, but now Stalin has provided farmers with the latest, new technologies that make life on the farm a lot easier and enables you to finish your work twice as fast. The government also trains new farmers on how to become the best collective farmers and gives the farmers monthy quotas that they have to meet. If they are met then the farmers get a raise but do not worry if you do not make your quota, you always have next month!

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Benefits of Collective Farming

  • Owning land: Becoming a collective farmer means owning your own HUGE plot of land! This land is set aside from the farm that you will work on but it is 100% your own which means your are independent to do whatever you want with it!
  • Profit: Since you own your own land you are allowed to grow your own fruits and vegetables or raise livestock!
  • Creating long lasting friendships: Because you work with other collective farmers those farmers become your family. You share ideas, tools, and memories about the amazing life a collective farmer has.
  • Serving your Country: When you become a collective farmer you will feel a sense of pride and accomplishment for your country because you know you will be doing your country a great service of providing the best food!
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Dangers of not becoming a Collective Farmer

Collective farmers are vital to the country. Some of the food that collective farmers grow is used to trade with other countries which improves our economy and allows us to get resoures from other countries that we can not get here. If there are not enough people who want to be collective farmers we will not be able to fit the demand of trade with other countries. This means that the economy will drop immensly and modernizating and advancing the state with new technologies will be a lot slower and more expensive. Also if there are not enough collective farmers there will be a great increase in starvation and not enough food to feed our people making the price on goods, services and food go up drastically.