The Outsiders Soundtrack

Cameron S.

Bat Country [Lyrics]

Bat Country by Avenged Sevenfold

I chose this song to act as Ponyboy's biography. He obviously was very dependent and the lyric, "Can't you help me as I'm starting to burn?", shows his need for help. In addition to that he did get burned at the church. Another lyric, "My confidence is leaving me on my own." shows how scared Ponyboy was because of not having much confidence in himself and his ideas. The lyric, "Show me what it's like to be set free." shows that he didn't want to be in a place divided by Greasers and Socs, as he said to johnny. He wanted to be free. Also the lyric "...and you know I don't want the attention.", shows how he rather be hated than pitied, as he said "I rather have someone's hatred rather than their pity." When you have pity, you get a lot of attention.

Wind Beneath My Wings by Celine Dion

I chose this song because it shows Darry and Sodapop's support that they give Ponyboy. This is given from the song's lyrics "That you were the wind beneath my wings". Darry sacrificed his education for Soda and Ponyboy, Soda was always there for Ponyboy when he needed someone to talk to. I felt these were important parts of the story as indicated by my song choice.
Sister Sledge - We are Family (lyrics)

We are Family by Sister Sludge

I chose this song because it shows the bond between the gang. The gang members were not just friends but family. This is show by saying "We are family". Their family relationship is shown when Dally helps Ponyboy and Johnny after Johnny kilt Bob and Darry and Soda's concern for Ponyboy when he was sick.
Bill Withers - Lean On Me [with lyrics]

Lean On Me by Bill Withers

This is to show how the gang could rely on one another. This is shown by the lyrics "I just might have a problem that you'll understand. We all need somebody to lean on." When Ponyboy told the difference between Greasers ans Socs, he said how they were royal in one another instead of just being a group of guys. This song shows this royalty.
Nice Guys

Nice Guys an original by Niga Higa

I chose this song to show Dally's biography. This song is about guys not wanting to treat a girl badly ,but that is what a girl wants a guy to do. I think that is what Dally is. A nice guy inside that treats a girl badly because that is what they want him to treat them like. For example, when Dally met Cherry he treated her badly because that is what he felt she wanted him to do. At first she didn't like him for it then she did.
Say it Ain't So by Weezer Lyrics

Say it Ain't So by Weezer

I chose this song to show Johnny's biography. It tells about his abusive father particularly. This is by the lyrics "Dear daddy, I write you, after these years of silence. You cleaned, found jesus, all is good or so I hear. This bottle of Stevens awakens ancient feelings." This shows that he doesn't know his father well and it has been a long time since speaking to him. "This bottle of Stevens awakens ancient feelings." shows Johnny's dad's abuse after taking in alcohol. In addition the lyric, "Your son is drowning in the flood." ,shows how Johnny's dad doesn't know how much Johnny is suffering.