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Five Apps to Support Language Learning for a Japanese Class

#1: Coursmos

Coursmos is a site that allows you to either create or view entire courses. This could be used either as extra support for face-to-face classroom time or to the extent of having a flipped classroom. This application is great because there is free content available as well as the paid content. The videos can be linked to on an LMS so that students are able to access them for preview/review purposes. Additionally, the teacher is able to design their own lessons, assessments, track progress, etc. of students. Therefore, the application could be used to administer quizzes to the students rather than the classic pen and paper method. Below is an example of a video available through Coursmos that identifies ways to help learn Japanese easier.

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#2: Socrative

Socrative is an app that teachers can use to administer quizzes, track student progress, and increase student engagement. This app is also great for a Bring Your Own Device environment because it is available on various devices. This app could be used to administer short quizzes on face-to-face material so that students are required to pay attention during class to be able to complete the quiz. It can also be used to track student's progress and help the teacher to better identify problem areas for review.

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Socrative in the Classroom

#3: Semper

Semper is a great app that helps teach vocabulary (amongst various other subjects) by providing a question during times the device user has a break, such as on lock screens or while other applications are loading. While this application would be more difficult to use in a structured manner, it would be a great resource to recommend to students so that they could continue their learning outside the classroom. This would be especially beneficial for language learning, as a large vocabulary is central to effective communication.

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Meet Semper

#4: Journal Jar

Journal Jar is an app that provides writing topics. While this app is likely aimed towards language arts or English classes, it would be great writing practice in language classes to have students use the app to get a writing prompt and then write a few sentences about it in a journal at the end of each class.

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Free Journal Topics Jar App - How To Get Ideas for Journal Writing

#5: Animation Creator HD

Animation Creator HD is an app for the iPad that allows the user to create animated drawings. This would be a great resource for students who would like to be more creative with projects, or could be used by the teacher to create a presentation. The animations can be uploaded once created, and thus shared with the rest of the class over an LMS, whether the videos are created by the teacher or the students.

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How To Use Animation Creator HD