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September 2013

Good-Bye Summer, Hello Fall

I am always a little sad when summer ends. No more chasing down the ice cream man, staying up late, or hanging out at the pool. It is time for back to school, routines and schedules. But what a great summer we had. Plus I really love the fall!! Cooler weather, football and Halloween are just a few of my favorite things that autumn brings. This year it also brings a little bit of a change in my schedule. I have starting working two nights a week, which has freed up Tuesday and Thursday mornings, making me more available to do "as needed" jobs. In addition, I am still doing nights and weekends. I know it is going to be another great "school" year and I am really looking forward to all the fun.

Upcoming Events


Fairhope Public Library - Starts Monday, September 9th

Lapsit (2 and under) - Monday & Thursday 10:00

Preschool - Monday & Thursday 11:00


Daphne Public Library - Starts Tuesday, August 27th

Lapsit (2 and under) - Tuesday 10:30

Preschool - Wednesday 2:00 and Thursday 10:30


Chick-fil-a Kids Family Night

Daphne Location 5 - 7 pm

Different themes once a month

Kids encouraged to dress in costume

Lots of games, prizes and crafts

Football Tailgate - Tuesday, September 17th

Halloween Carnival - Tuesday, October 15th

Action Hero Night - Tuesday, November 19th

Santa's Workshop - Tuesday, December 17th


Storytime with Miss Connie & Miss Stephanie

Page & Palette

Thursday, September 19th at 4:00 pm


Fun Places to Go

Lights, Camera, Action

Stella and Hudson are now about the perfect age for the movies. So this summer we saw a few. Here is how we ranked what we saw!!

  1. Despicable Me 2 - Loved it!! We even attempted making Minion cupcakes!!!
  2. Monsters University - Liked it a lot!!
  3. Turbo - Liked it fairly well!!
  4. Planes - Liked it least!! I really wanted to take Cain to this one but the twins barely sat through it!!

Two movies that we are anxiously awaiting are Frozen that will be released in November and The Lego Movie in February, 2014.

Cool Things!!!

I just discovered the Dripstik Popsicle and Ice Cream Holder at one of my recent jobs. Thank you, Laura!! I don't know about every kid but Cain is a popsicle maniac!!! He loves them!!! He even knows when we spell the word popsicle. But he is always a gooey mess by the time he is finished eating it. These holders are really cool. They definitely keep little hands a lot less sticky. Plus they flip over to hold an ice cream cone!! Here is the link where I found them on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Dripstik-Frozen-Treat-Holder-Phthalate/dp/B000SB29SC. Check them out.
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