Pros and Cons


Gun Control. That single phrase is enough to spark a passionate debate from either side. It’s hard to form a view one way or another when there is so much heated opinion for or against it. The Pros and Cons series takes a step back and looks at the issue objectively. It lays out only the facts and let’s you decide what opinion to take. It shows all the evidence from one side to the other.
Pros and Cons of Gun Control (Debate)

The main Plot of the book

The author Thomas Streissguth is writing this book to inform millions of people, why gun control is 'bad or 'good'. He uses a very passionate tone while writing this book, every sentence is very discriptive and clear. He is not bias at all, so it is easy to understand both sides of the book. Also for both sides, he proves his point very well his statistics and charts. This book will have you diving in to the political world and will help you become a very knowledgable about Gun Control.