Gender stereotypes

by, Llazmin and Ilycia

Bad things can happen to young girls because of social media.

Social media can lead to depression and depression can lead to obesity and obesity can link to lower grades in young girls. The main thing is, is that social media is affecting the health and education in young girls.

The models that you see in magazines are most of the time photo shopped.

Almost 100% of models are photo shopped in magazines. They do this to make them look better because they are trying to sell certain products that promise to make them look like the models. Some of the promises could be that this product will make you skinny or have nice skin. This is why young girls need to know this because they think they need to look like them, but the thing is, is that the models really don't look like that and they should just be confident in what they really look like. Here is a video of photo shopped models
Celebrity photoshop before and after

Many girls will starve themselves to look like these women.

A lot of young girls will end up starving themselves to look like a models. Even some girls starve themselves to death you would be surprised at how many girls die from doing this. The National Institute Of Mental Health say that eating disorders affect about 5 million Americans each year.
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Christie Swadling

This is a young girl that starved herself to look like the model Miranda Kerr. She would eat 200 calories each day and that was all. She almost died because of this, Christie was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa. She was taken to the hospital on her 17th birthday. But now she is healthy and alive. She is helping others with eating disorders. This is what she looks like now.
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We think that girls should just be confident in what they look like because even models look like them. The only reason they don't look the same in magazines is because they are photo shopped. All girls are amazing know matter what they look like.