Richard Weldon Crowder

Richard Weldon Crowder- The CEO Of The Help Americans Inc’s Core Program

Mr. Richard is very famous for his work and talent, but before talk more about the same, it is important to know about his work and various programs for helping people who are homeless and would like to buy a house.

It is important to know more about the America’s Realty Group which is created by Rent Busters so that it can smooth out the way of the people who find barriers when it comes to becoming a Home Owner in the America. It offers the best program called the Down Payment Assistance in which the seller paid closing cost make it possible to achieve Home Ownership with little to no money out of pocket. Isn’t it the best idea to go with? Well, this program has helped a lot of people who are homeless and even don’t have money.

The program along with other interactive and innovative programs are running under the supervision of the Richard Weldon Crowder, who just aims to make the “American Dream” of Home Ownership a reality via effective Down Payment Assistance Program. Talking about Mr. Crowder he is the one who is well known for this ultimate ideas and works done by so far in the past and today. He is currently serving as the Board of Directors for Help Americans Inc. as the President/ CEO as well as he oversees all three Help Americans Inc.’s core programs. He is the one has 25+ years of executive management experience with various companies having high balance portfolios and his work transformed everything. Currently Mr. Crowder is the Chairman for Mega Petroleum Group, which is an International Petroleum Company.

Talking about Mega Petroleum, it is working in the best possible manner under the supervision of Richard Weldon Crowder and other top level managers, which works in the wholesale purchase and distribution of finished petroleum products, usually internationally. It works and earns profits by selling products at a very competitive price along with the fastest delivery to everywhere from transportation companies to airlines, sovereign countries and various international commercial buyers. Not only this, the same petroleum company also serves as mandate to Irbis Holding Limited and RLR International, which is the best way in providing direct relationships with several title holders and refineries in refined petroleum and crude oil products.

It also earns by entering into supply contracts with various customers and in the same they purchase a minimum amount of specified petroleum products at sub market prices during each period of the contract.

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