November 26th Pony News

Building a Brighter Future!

Knowing our new Crew

Deresia Scott, Intermediate BIC Teacher

Hey Ponies family! I am super excited to be joining your team this semester as the upper level BIC teacher. My experience so far has been super rewarding, slightly painful, and very interesting. I am looking forward to what’s to come!

I am originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, home of snow to your waist, hordes of Harley Davidson motorcycles, and cheeses and beer! At the age of 12, my family moved to Plano. One of my first memories here in DFW was the amount of snow and ice it took for the Metroplex to shut down. Being from the Midwest, we found it highly comical!

I graduated from Plano East Senior High, then Texas Christian University. I started my teaching career as a FLS paraprofessional at Otto Middle School in Plano. I then worked as a resource teacher for about a year and a half in the Oak Cliff area, and now I am happy to call Lewisville Elementary my home!

Fun Facts: I have 2 super cute and hilarious Chihuahuas, who think they are human. I have 2 brothers, a soon to be sister-in-law, a niece named Jade (actually a dog), and a ridiculously large external family. We love to travel. I am excellent at sculpting, drawing and painting. I was in the TCU band where I was able to perform in the Rose Bowl, at Disneyland, and at the Super Bowl XLV. I have been lost under The Cowboy’s Stadium where I decided to blend in with an exclusive tour group to find my way out. It was a very cool experience!

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Let's Finish our Semester Strong!

I hope each of you had some time to relax and celebrate your blessings. While some of our Ponies enjoyed their family time, there were many others that could not wait to come back. School is their safe normal place.

Let's keep our Ponies engaged in a positive and safe environment. Continue integrating Restorative Practices. "Connect before you Correct."

During this time of the year, some students are beginning to worry about the winter break. Are they going to have enough food? Who is going to take care of them? Are they going to receive presents? They need additional positive reinforcement. Think about it as a Piggy Bank. Their environment might take some of the money from their piggy bank, so we have to make extra deposits.

Provide students with extra positive reinforcements, such as extra Pony Bucks, prizes for their efforts, extra Dojo points, and more hoof prints.

We have 4 weeks before the winter break. Plan and deliver engaging lessons based on the standards, using the LISD curriculum and creating differentiated, engaging and relevant experiences for your students.

Let's continue building brighter futures for our Ponies.

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Vertical Alignment

Our first vertical alignment collaboration was a celebration. It was amazing to see and hear of the quality and quantity of conversations around the standards that happened that day.

Each of your teams decided on what to bring to the next vertical alignment collaborative meeting and on which standard to focus. You will have the opportunity to continue with this collaboration on Wednesday November 28th after school.

Ethics Videos 3 and 4

We are required to watch Ethics Videos 3 and 4 before the end of semester in December. Please click here to see the plan.

Master Calendar

Click here to access the LVES Master Calendar. Thank you Coach Green for keeping the calendar up to date.

2nd Progress Report Grades - Due 12/3

Remember, next Monday, December 3rd, our 2nd progress report grades (for the 2nd 9 weeks) are due!

It is also very important that grades reflect grade level TEKS mastery instead of just completion grades. If you need help with grading, reach out to your instructional coaches or your grade level administrator.

Grade Posting Dates for the year are HERE.

Student Council Roster & Wednesday Meeting Dates

Here is a list of our students participating in Student Council this year, and the dates they are meeting:

Roster & meeting dates link

Thank you Mrs. Hayes, Mrs. Kilam and Mrs. Hackworth for continuing to work with our LVES Student Council!

Our Pony Week

Monday, November 26th:
  • Choir Fundraiser Starts!
  • LA K-2 LF
  • 3:30-4:30 GT- Depth and Complexity
Tuesday, November 27th:
  • TEKS & ELPS Collab. 2nd, 5th, 1st (Writing)
  • Tutoring
  • Elizabeth Varona BD
  • Make Up Session for Developing focused Lessons
Wednesday, November 28th:
  • Dress for Success
  • Principal U
  • Multilingual Coordinator
  • Vertical Alignment Collaboration
Thursday, November 29th:
  • Girls Lunch With A Leader
  • Tutoring
Friday, November 30th:
  • 5th Grade Outdoor School
  • Spirit Day
  • Movie Night + PTA

Important Information

  • November 26: GT - Depth & Complexity Training
  • November 30: Movie Night
  • December 3rd: 2:20-2:45 NEU Rally/ 2nd progress report grades due for 2nd 9 weeks
  • December 4th: TEKS & ELPS Collab. 3rd, 4th, K (Science)
  • December 5th: Poverty Simulation/ Trauma informed session Part 1
  • December 6th: Pony Dad's Kickoff Meeting/Campus Spelling Bee 8:30 to 9:30
  • December 10th: Santa's Shop Starts
  • December 11th: On-line GT Extended LP Collab./ TEKS & ELPS Collab. 2nd, 5th, 1st (Science)
  • December 12th: Staff Learning
  • December 13th: Winter Celebration + Literacy Night/K-2nd Istation Check ins
  • December 14th: Student of the Month Breakfast
  • December 17th: 2nd & 5th Math CBA - 2nd 9 wks/ Baby Shower 3:15
  • December 18th: 3rd-4th Math CBA - 2nd 9 wks/ NO TEKS & ELPS Collaboration/ Cookie Party.
  • December 19th: 3rd-4th Reading CBA - 2nd 9 wks/ 3:15-4:15 Advisory Comm. Mtg.
  • December 20th: Holiday party at Salerno’s Flower Mound 5:00 p.m.
  • December 21st: STUDENT & STAFF EARLY RELEASE END OF 2ND NINE WEEKS (2nd 9 weeks grades due January 7th)
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Click here to submit a Shout-Out.
  • Mrs. Rutherford, Mrs. Oden, & Ms. Maurier for sharing with me all the ways they can support me in my craft!
  • Mrs. E. for spending time with my class in circles!
  • Mrs. Valdes for sending me to great trainings so I can be a better teacher!
  • Everyone who came to our Reader's Theatre! The kids were so excited to have an audience!
  • Third grade team for a successful and engaging first field trip. Thank you!
  • Thank you, Mrs. Boston, for engaging ALL third grade students on tutoring days while all after school duties are completed.
  • Mrs. Lopez and Mrs. Huerta for doing a great job checking books out of the Leveled Library.
  • The amazing specials team for the fun field day! You guys rock!
  • Ms. Green for ensuring our Ponies had food during the break.
  • Mrs. Rubio for all of her help welcoming parents.
  • Mrs. Guerrero for being the best secretary in the world. :-)
  • Ms. Butler for all of her help with the iStation calendar.
  • Mrs. Frazier and Ms. Silvia for all of their patience with our new students.
  • Mrs. Crawley for always starting fresh with her students. Your Ponies love you.
  • Mr. Fitzgerald for going the extra mile to connect with parents.

November Birthdays

Ernestina Wier- November 24th

Elizabeth Varona- November 27th

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