St. Sebastian

By: Brock West

Birth and Death

Birth: Unknown

Death: 288

As a child St. Sebastian was an only child, he was also the son of a nobleman. Sebastian was born in Narbonne, in Gaul. Sebastian's parents come from Milan, Italy where Sebastian was later moved too.


In the year 283 St. Sebastian joined the Roman army secretly. No one knew he was a christian at the time. Sebastian moved up to a captain of the army, then the Emperor of Rome discovered his secret of being a christian. He ordered several men to tie him to a tree and for Sebastian to be shot with arrows. When the guards had finished they had left him for dead. A widow had come to recover the body she found him alive and nursed him back to health,
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St. Sebastian is known for a couple miracle, but here are two of his main miracles. He restored a young mute woman's voice while the lady was in prison, because of having faith in God, her name was Zoe. Another miracle was when he was shot with arrows and survived after the archers announced him dead, and that he was shot over 15 times in the chest.

Why I chose this Saint

I chose this saint for several reasons. He is know for being the patron saint of athletes and soldiers. I would consider me an athlete for playing several sports and Veteran's Day was just this last Wednesday. The final reason is that his Feast day is on my birthday, January 30