LiveBinders is your FREE 3-ring binder for the web

Take Control of Information

  • View links like pages in a book instead of URLs on a page
  • Combine uploaded PDFs and Word docs with links in one binder
  • Go paperless one LiveBinder at a time

Save Time

  • Update information conveniently without having to resend links
  • Avoid layout issues - all documents are organized by tabs and subtabs
  • Edit LiveBinders anytime, any place

Make an Impression

  • Share all your documents in an easy presentable format
  • Use LiveBinders for SMART Board® and laptop presentations
  • Build a library of binders and become a valuable resource for others

LiveBinders is Free!

  • Sign Up to create an account so you can store your livebinders right away
  • Add the 'LiveBinder It' Bookmark Tool to your browser toolbar
  • Start browsing the web. Find a link you want to save then click on the 'LiveBinder It' to automatically add the link to a new livebinder
  • Edit your livebinders with our edit tool to retitle tabs and upload files or start from a blank binder.

LiveBinders for Teachers

LiveBinders for Teachers

Insert Media to LiveBinders

Inserting Your Own Media into LiveBinders

LiveBinders Collaboration

Collaboration in LiveBinders

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