RockENROLL Instructions -

For Learning Coaches that are ALSO the Legal Guardian


If you are both the Learning Coach and the Legal Guardian on file for your student, you have 3 OPTIONS to choose from to access the Re-Registration Portal:

  1. You can access the Re-Registration Portal from within the Online School while signed into your Learning Coach account.
  2. You can use the K12 Mobile App.
  3. You can complete the process online via the web.

New option for SY 23-24!

IF you have opted in for text messaging, STRIDE National Reregistration teams will text you on 2/27 and 3/1 the following message:

OVCA Here! Tell us your (insert student's first name) plans for next school year. Respond 1, 2, or 3 to start re-registering for the 23-24 SY:

1 – Registering

2 – Undecided

3 – Not Registering

From there you will be prompted to log into your OLS account to complete your re-registration.


The ABC's

Log into your Learning Coach Account!

Click HERE to log in and complete your re-registration NOW!


The 123's


Step-by-step video!

The video below will walk you through completing your re-registration through the Online School or by using the k12 Mobile App.


If you don't have the app....

If you don’t already have the K12 Mobile App on your smartphone or other device, click the appropriate link to download it for Android or iOS Devices! The app will come in handy throughout the year!


WAIT! I am the LC but NOT the Legal Guardian!

Click this button for instructions on how you as the Learning Coach can still complete the re-registration for SY 23-24!



Re-register by phone!



to re-register over the phone!