Baby Boomer Timeline

Alyssa Fountain


The Baby Boomers Era started after the end of WWII. Tons of soldiers came back from the war and the GI Bill was passed, giving veterans homes. The hardships of the Great Depression and World War were over, causing an excitement amongst the citizens.

GI Bill and Levi Towns.

The GI Bill was a bill passed that gave many benefits to the returning Vererans, suh as education and jobs.

Levi towns were very popular places to live for the veterans. Levi towns were small suburbs on the outskirts of cities. Many of the women in these towns became pregnant, causing need for more buildings such as schools and hospitals.

Bomb Shelters

The Cold War was full of the threat of Nuclear Warfare, causing the need for shelters that would withstand these bombs. Bomb shelters were in people's backyards, and even small children were told what to do in case of a bomb attack.

The 60's

The sixties were full of many different things, causing it to be turbulent. The Civil Rights movement was in full effect, with marches and sit-ins. Rock music became popular. Drugs such as LSD started to be used more. "Hippies" became a thing.

1970's and Reforms

  • Increased representation
  • Higher education admittance
  • More job-hiring
  • Less discrimination


These were known as the payback years quickly switched from social rights to political rights and voted for Ronald Reagan. Sexual activity escalated as well, causing a mass spread of HIV and AIDS, starting mostly with male homosexuals. The disease continued to spread, killing thousands of people a year.

HIv and AIDS continue to spread.

Sexual activity was not the only thing spreading this disease. The abuse of drugs also caused it, with people sharing needles to inject thelmselves. This meant even citizens who did not recieve the disease through sex still had another chance to get it, raising the odds of its spread.

Voting within the Boomers

As the Boomers grew older, more boomers began running for president, causing a higher interest in voting. The voting called for a very high turnout, with mostly the older Boomers voting, rather than the younger ones.


After the war the Baby Boomers influenced a lot. Even before they were born, the boomers caused the need for more suburbs, schools, and hospitals. Then as time went on they influenced social life, working with the Civil Rights movement or influencing drug use and music. The Boomers even influenced government, voting more for their own kind as they became able.