Simon Birch

Our expectations for other people can be too high and too low

"the doctors said Simon wouldn't last through the week"

- Simon lasted longer than the doctors had expected, because his heart was so small they had expected him to die.

Simon's character

"you're small because you were born a sick baby"

- Simon is small, because of his condition when he was born, since Simon is so small little kids his size listen to him. Simon changes through out the story so he is dynamic. Simon is kind of not confident he thinks because his size.

events in Simon's point of view

I went up to the base in baseball swung and missed the first, and so on. When I finally hit the ball, it was a foul ball. The ball hit Joe's mom in the temple killing her. I was really sad about it, and I'm sure Joe is upset with me too. (picture found on google images)