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Community One Kicks off Book Madness (Complete With a Bracket System and a Sweet Sixteen of Books)

Enter any Community One classroom and you will be able to feel a fever for books. It is an exciting time as we start off with a group of Sweet Sixteen books and read, vote, and eliminate titles until we end up with one championship book. Auburn University Montgomery `women's basketball Coach Dan Davis, (a parent of a member of Room116), helped us kick off the tournament . He spoke of attitude, hard work, never giving up, "No excuses", treating others well and having fun. Take time to watch the video. If only we could have a five minute pep talk like this every morning to start our day!
C1 Tournament of Books: The Kick Off With Coach Davis

Discuss With Your Child As the Tournament Progresses

There is a graph in the red take home folder that allows our family members to follow along how Room 116 is voting with each book challenge. Our poetry journal has a bracket that we will fill out once all the C1's votes have been counted.

Room 116 Makes A Prediction of What Book Will Win

Going solely off our prior knowledge of a book and/or how the cover looks, Room 116 filled in a bracket of what title we think will be the winner. We know that we have no idea how the rest of Community One will vote but Room 116 thinks BIggest, Strongest, Fastest will be the champion.
The Elite Eight books will be announced on Friday, March 4.
The Final Four will be announced on Friday, March 11
The Championship Game titles will be announced on Wednesday, March 16
The Book of the Year will be announced on Friday, March 18 with a celebration for all of Community One!
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Mystery Reader Fun

Our Mystery Reader last week knew a lot about books. She grew up the daughter of a teacher and knew some excellent books to read to us. She even helped us make hats so that Room 116 could be just like Lincoln. It was a special afternoon!

A Sweet Surprise

After 22 years of teaching, Mrs. McDevitt still gets surprised by what children love. What she thought would be a quick activity to lay the foundation for an upcoming ocean project turned into precious conversations with exploration. Goes to show that kids are attracted to technology but they also have a curiousity and need for exploration with low tech things.
White Paint and A Third of A Toilet Tissue Roll

Measuring and Teamwork

We worked together to measure our fish murals. Even though our class is large it makes Mrs. McDevitt so proud to see the hard workers in Room 116 work closely with one anothers to accomplish a task.
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Most Important Thing to Know For Next Week

On Friday, please make sure your child is at school by 7:50. We have an eight o'clock departure time for our field trip to the pretend hospital. Please dress your child in the red PRS field trip t-shirt.

Information For the Upcoming Week

Remember that sight words are high frequency words in literature. These words need to be read accurately and instantly upon sight. Sight word schedule for the next nine weeks:
1.5: all, going, pretty
1.11: came, take
1.19: once, when
1.25: how, please
2.1: by, our
2.8: round, then
2.16: an, from
2.22: find, live
2.29: review

You should be able to access the reading and math components of Sumdog. Maximize the school's subscription and allow your child to use Sumdog at home each evening.

Your child should have a classroom library book that comes home each night. It is not a problem if it takes more than one night to read it. As your child is reading the book, ask him/her the point of view of the text. If the author is telling the story, a character or a narrator.

This week we will investigate two characters and compare their similarities and differences.

In writing, we begin to investigate nonfiction text. Nonfiction texts allow the reader to use various text features to locate key facts or information. For example: labeling, graphs, maps.

In math, we continue to work with story problems that have adding and subtracting elements . We will be measuring to create the zones of the ocean for the Community One aquarium display. We will also begin to add three numbers together...looking for combinations of two numbers we already know and then adding on the third number.

The Schedule as PRS in Grades K-4 Celebrates Read Across America

Make note of these upcoming dates. Mrs. McDevitt can't wait to see how the children dress up as a character from a book on March 2. Pick any character from any book...it does not have to be a Dr. Seuss book.
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A Bonus Mystery Reader Or Two

A set of grandparents made a surprise visit to town and asked if they could join Room 116. Even though almost all of the Mystery Reader slots are filled, if something special arises, please contact Mrs. McDevitt. More than likely with enough notice, she can accommodate. Room 116 is fortunate to have so many life long readers in the lives of the children.
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The Future Learning Opportunities of PRS Students

Last week, Mrs. McDevitt learned something new. She spent time with a 3D printer. She had watched videos and read about 3D printers but never had hands on opportunities. 3D printing is a process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file. Mrs. McDevitt, with several other Lead Learners, designed a stand for a flag. It was pretty amazing and required a use of math skills for a real world purpose. Mrs. McDevitt was blown away by the learning and opportunities for students that 3D printing allows. Even though the skills needed for 3D printing is a tad bit advanced for Community One learners, it is exciting to see the thinking, creating and innovating that is in store for the students of Room 116 as they grow. PRS is a great place to be for educators and students. Thank you for supporting PRS!
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Lunch Menu

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Upcoming Events

2.25: PRS Multicultural Night @ 6:00 PM

2.26: Room 116 needs to be at school by 7:50 for a bus departure of 8:00

3.21-3.25: Spring Break: no school

3.28: No school for students: Professional Development Day for Lead Learners

4.20: Community 1's field trip to Lanark (unlimited chaperones - no younger siblings)

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Ruby Bridges Biographies Written By Room 116 Students

To conclude our biography unit, the students are writing a biography on Ruby Bridges. It is amazing that she was the same age as Room 116 when she entered Frantz Elementary School. On Friday, the school is open from 1:30 -2:30 for parents to walk around the hallways of the building and observe/participate in the celebration of Black History Month. Our biographies will be on display outside our classroom door.

The PRS Calendar for 2016-17 School Year

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