My Space Project

All About The Apollo Space Missions By: Saket Ashar

Why Explore Space ?

It is part of the nature of a human being to want to explore and try to better understand the world that we live in. Space exploration is a logical extension of that need.

As we explore the solar system, we can begin to learn the secrets of our universe, and to better understand the cosmos.

The Apollo Program

The Apollo program was the third space program by NASA that involved human spaceflight. The first manned flight of Apollo was in 1968. It later succeeded in landing the first men on the Moon from 1969 through 1972.

Project Apollo's Goal

Project Apollo's main goal was to land Americans on the Moon and return them safely to Earth.

Apollo Spacecrafts

The Apollo spacecrafts had three parts. The command module , the crew's quarters and flight control section and the service module (when together, the two modules are called CSM) and the lunar module to take two of the crew to the Moon’s surface, support them on the Moon, and later return them to the CSM.

Apollo CSM Blueprints


In conclusion the Apollo missions were succesful because they went above and beyond their original goal of going to the moon. After the Apollo missions we learned a lot about the moon