War Of 1812

By:Austin Chapman

Cross Fire

in 1803 the Britain people wanted to trade with America and so did France. France(Napolean) didn't want the British(King Jorg the 3rd) to trade and get money and the British didn't want French to trade and get money.


in 18the British started to fight with France and we were in the middle of it. So we sided with France AGAIN. So the British gave muskets to the Indians to fight against the Americans and the French.
In 1809, James madison became president saying that he would make the nation neutral. But a group of congressmen called the war hawks wanted to have a war against Britain people.In 1812, madison gave in to the war hawks. The congress declared war against Britain

pretending to be Dolly Madison

Is.....Is that the British. madison the British are attacking the white house! go go go. Wait someone help me get this painting they are burning the white house now hurry. oh my gosh, I can't believe we got out of there.

a few months later

Madison, I just got told that the British are attacking fort McHenry last night the Americans refused to surrender and the British gave up. Wow, James its almost 1815 no one is winning I think that we should both Britain and the Americans should both sign a treaty to end the war.

The British suffered over 2,000 casualties the Americans suffered only suffered 71 casualties.