Material Safety Data Sheet

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Element Name: Amazium

Atomic Mass: 142 lbs

Symbol: Az

Discoverers: Mr. Demissie and Mrs. Bayu of Nazareth, Ethiopia

Occurrence: Highly concentrated deposits found, at home, and Richardson High School. Extremely low quantities found at fast food restaurants.

Physical Properties

Surface: Caramel Brown skin with dark brown hair and brown eyes.

Boils when... referred inferior to another.

Melts if... given love, respect and courtesy.

Can cause... aggression if shown disloyalty.

Specimens can be found in various states:

A. Exited when working out.

B. Nervous when put in high stake situations.

C. Sad when fun is taken away.

Becomes stubborn and unyielding when... attaining loss.

Chemical Properties

Is repelled by... procrastination.

Is attracted to... effort, hardwork and dedication.

May explode spontaneously when... given too much homework.

Requires copious amounts of... attention.

Is inert... when drowsy and left alone.

Is impervious to... overspending.