By: Elisa Sternberg


Did you know that Miranda's torn surface is deeper than the Grand Canyon? Scientists are learning more and more about space everyday. However, Miranda might have scientists hooked.
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Researching the Moon

Miranda is one of Uranus smallest moons. It is also the most innermost out of the five that were originally discovered. Compared to the others it orbits at a perpendicular angle with a weight of 470 km.


Not only does Miranda have a patchy terrain, but it also has a lot of markings and grooves. While some grooves go deep into the surface some are right on the outside. Based on these features Miranda is nicknamed the Frankenstein moon.
Voyager 2 Flies Over Uranus' Moon Miranda

Places on Miranda

There are many different regions that are 120-190 miles . This moon also has some of the highest cliffs.

Extra Information

Although the surface is made up of a bunch of unique features, it is all also made of water and rock. Also, Miranda can be very hard to see without the right kind of telescope. You can usually see through a dark telescope.
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Fun Facts

"Circus Maximus" is the name for the racetrack like markings on the outside of the surface. In 1948, a man named Genard Kuiper founded Miranda.


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