Atlantis Morning News

Published July 20, 1917

Tomatoes Gone Missing?!

Sandwich Thief!

On the the night of July 15, 1917 the tomatoes of Curtis Joe was stolen. Witness Royce Rice says he found a strip of black cloth in the scene. Rumors are going around saying Batman was the culprit and was trying to find a midnight snack. Otherwise officials haven't found any signs of the missing tomatoes.

Curtis has put a chicken fence around his tomatoes. People are saying it won't help much.Curtis has hired witness Royce Rice as a "bodyguard' for his tomatoes.

Other crops have been disappearing at around the same time. Officials have found a pattern in the culprits robbery. The culprit keeps stealing crops used to make a double deluxe sandwich. Who is this culprit? Is it Batman? Are you Batman

Caption: Photo of Curtis's tomatoes before they were stolen.


Inside Look in the mind of Giannine Bellsario

This is Atlantis Morning News here to look in the mind of a young gamer. Her name is Giannine Bellsario. In the Rassmussem Enterprises gaming center CPOC personal broke in and damaged servers. Giannine had to finish the game to be able to get out. Here she is and we have a few questions to ask her...

Q1: How would you summarize your feelings when you found out you were trapped?

A1: At first I was filled with fear and I was really scared. I what would happen if I lost. At the same time I was nervous.

Q2: Why did you chose Heir Apparent over Sword of Talla?

A2: The Heir Apparent trailer looked adventurous and very strategic. I wanted a challenge, but I still wanted some fun.

Q3: What was your first thought when you entered the game?

A3: Smelly, when I started I was in sheep dung. Besides that I thought it was going to be pretty easy. I liked how you could feel what your character felt.

Q4: How do you think your personality has changed from when you entered to now?

A4: I feel like my personality has changed very much. I feel like before I entered the game I was reckless . Now I feel like I looked at all the possibilities before I pick one.

Q5: What is your judgment of Heir Apparent?

A5: I think it's very challenging, and fun besides the fact that if I lost I died.

Q6: Did you expect Saint Bruce to give you the ring?

A6: No, I thought the poem was terrible, but I was glad it was good enough.

Q7: What was the biggest challenge?

A7: Probably the dragon. It took me forever to figure what to do to get the crown back.

Q8: Would you play Heir Apparent again?

A8: No, I really liked it the first time but I feel it could be boring after a while.

Q9: After you left the game did you see a better path you could have chose?

A9: Yes, I could have given the ring to someone else to go get the crown.

Q10: Would you suggest Heir Apparent to someone else?

A10: I would because I thought it was a fun and challenging experience.