Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)

March, 1933

Who was the program intended to help?

It was intended to help young unmarried, unemployed men during the Great Depression between the ages of 18 and 26. Promised men a better life then what they had known from the Great Depression.

What was this program intended to do?

Was a designed program to put Americans back to work.

  • 97,000 miles of fire roads built
  • more than 3 million trees plant
  • forest improvement

Does this program fall under the Relief, Recovery, or Reform program of Roosevelt's New Deal?

Relief because it helps men get back on there feet also was helping built lots of stuff like roads, bridges, and building throughout the United States.
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How successful do you believe this program was at relieving the economic crisis?

i believe that it was successful because i feel like it gave people hope that things would get better after what happen with the Great Depression. It was also successful because a lot of what they built we still use today.

How does this program add to your understanding of the Great Depression?

It helps me understand that there was programs trying to help for what happen with the Great Depression.One of the problems the Great Depression caused was loosing of jobs but CCC helped a lot with that problem by giving men work. CCC was one of the most successful program there was.

Does this program still exist?

It no longer exists but it did exist for 10 years or fewer. Between !933 and !941, more than 3,000,000 men served in CCC.
CCC, The Men, The Work, The Legacy


  • got 30 a month so that's a dollar a day but 25 went home and they only took 5
  • CCC restored and reshaped the landscape of the nation
  • renewed the confidence of the young men involved and the county