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December Newsletter

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Expanding Your Horizons Conference

Fifteen young women from Clintonville Middle School were able to learn about science, engineering and math careers open to women. They attend hands-on workshops, visit work places to find out what it is like to work in different careers.

Students dedicate a Saturday for an all day experience (6:30 a.m.- 8:30 p.m. includes bus ride) at the University of Wisconsin Madison, businesses, and the University Hospital.

Comments from students:

"I went to Biology and Life Science sessions. I liked it because I got to touch a real human brain. The brain was not the same color as it is in your head. It was white because they had to put stuff on it, so they could study it more. They also study animal brains because the want to know what they look like."

"I watched as lab assistants tested mice for diabetes. We got to help. I also got to the weather station and watch how they check the weather."

"I learned about leaf cutter ants. These ants can cut the leaves with their wings."Next year I want to attend the session on health and medical sciences."

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8th Grade Field Trip - Barlow Planetarium

STEM Field Trip

On November 20th, Mr. Rose and and Mr. Taylor traveled to UW-Stevens Point with 19 seventh and eighth grade boys for the annual UWSP STEM Exploration Day for Boys. The day provided participants with a variety of experiences and possible career choices in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields. The event featured an excellent opening speaker, Dr. Eric Anderson, who spoke about his insights studying cougars in Wisconsin. Anderson discussed the various sightings of cougars, explained where they are coming from and why they are here.

Next, the students headed off to three different workshops of their choice. Each workshop was fun and interactive with hands on activities. Students built and tested model airplanes, roller coasters, skyscrapers and other engineering feats. They also investigated fields of medicine, computers, robotics, chemistry and biology. All together the students had two dozen workshops to pick from. Each of the participants had a great time.

UWSP's STEM day for girls will happen on February 26.

'Tis the Season for Giving!!! CMS Student Council gives back!!!

Student Council decided to give back this year and in a big way. The group decided they wanted to sponsor a former CMS Student Council member, Tarah Malotky, with funding to attend her once in a lifetime opportunity of The Standford Intensive Law & Trial Program. Student Council was able to donate $100 in November to help get Tarah registered for the incredible program.

The CMS group also sponsored a Food/Coat/Sock Drive the first week of November. Students donated several coats that will go to Clintonville Coats for Kids. There were also several food items & socks that were donated to Clintonville Area Food Pantry. Students were able to celebrate at the end of the week with the Fall Ball dance, where they were able to donate additional items for free admission!

That's not it! Student Council also sponsored not one, but two Christmas shoe boxes for children in need. The group filled a box for a boy & girl who are in need this Christmas with hygiene essentials, school supplies, a couple small toys, and a few special treats!!! Lastly, members decided to donate children's gifts to the Toys for Tots collection. The students all agreed it feels really good to give during this special time of year!!!

8th Grade Poetry Battle

8th graders in Mr. Leist's class working on poetry. Delaney Hintz and Layton Shauger battled it out using poetry.
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Calendar Items

6th, 7th, 8th Grade Choir Concert

Thursday, Dec. 17th, 6:30-8pm

64 Green Tree Road

Clintonville, WI

4th & 5th Grade Choir Concert

Tuesday, Dec. 22nd, 6-7:30pm

Clintonville HIgh School

Winter Recess - NO SCHOOL

Thursday, Dec. 24th, 12am to Sunday, Jan. 3rd 2016 at 11:45pm

Clintonville Middle School


Donations Needed

The Family and Consumer Sciences classes are looking for donations of the following:

  • flour
  • sugar
  • paper plates
  • plastic wrap or foil
  • sandwich bags
  • jello
  • Dawn or Our Family dish soap
  • laundry detergent.

Any brand is acceptable however, food items have to be in a sealed package. Donations can be dropped off at the middle school office.


Safety Reminders From The Clintonville Police Department

Winter will be here before we know it, and the Clintonville Police Department wants to send some safety reminders to those driving to and from our schools:

  • Be aware of the speed limits in school zones and follow directions given by our crossing guards.
  • It is against the law to text while driving. This is also a safety hazard.
  • Please wear your seatbelts at all times.

Being aware of these situations and driving safe in our community may help make a difference in saving the life of a child.

Access Student Information

You can access your students' attendance, grades, and other information via Skyward's Family Access any time and anywhere. Just use Skyward Family Access.

After School Pickup

Parents picking up their children after school in the side parking lot by the playground must park in the back two rows of that parking lot. We have many children running between busses and have had several close calls. Please talk with your child and make sure they stay on the sidewalk until they reach the back of the parking lot. We appreciate your help as we try to keep our students safe.

Trucker University

Trucker University is well under way at the middle school, and we have a variety of offerings for students. The program runs Monday through Thursdays and we have a late bus available that leaves at 5:00PM.

Check out the website for forms and information.


Please remember that you are responsible for damage to your child's Chromebook. We would also remind you that damage to school property is not a school fee that can be waived. Talk to your students and make sure they are taking care of their device. We have recently replaced all Chromebook cases with a sturdier case that will help to better protect the Chromebook, but students still need to treat their Chromebook like a valuable piece of equipment.

Clintonville Middle School

We are all TRUCKERS!

The Clintonville Middle School Community will work:

Together to provide a

Rigorous learning environment where teachers are


Caring, and

Kind and students are


Respectful, and