Colonization of Tejas

By: Isabella Le

Join us at Stephan F. Austin's colony!

Hello there!

We welcome you to fresh new starts and debt here at Austin's colony!


Our land is filled with outstanding soil. Its full of great nutrients and you can feel the richness. We have the best soil for farming. You will love the smell of crops and sound of birds singing every morning! It rains very often here in Austin's colony. Everything is lined up and nicely organized. The better crops you grow, the better they taste!


This colony is very safe. We are miles away from Native Americans. Don't go into the wrong colony like DeWitt's! They have been attacked by Native Americans. If anything happens we are well prepared.


our land is very cheap and inexpensive! No need for all the high prices! 12.5 cents an acre! Its truly beautiful! You can take a nice glance at our fresh green grass and flowers.