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Guess The Word

It is common for political speakers to ____________ their opponent, by airing adds of propaganda exaggerating their negative aspects to such an extent that their statements are no longer true.

Traduce (verb)

Definition: To slander: to speak falsely or maliciously of
Political Name Calling Ad


  • slander- a malicious or false statement or report
  • decry- publicly denounce
  • vilify- to speak or write about in an abusively disparaging manor


  • praise-express warm approval or admiration of
  • flatter- to praise of compliment
  • compliment- a polite expression of praise or admiration

Word Form

  • Traducement (noun)

A traducement of the teacher was immediately shutdown once the principal became aware of the student's false accusations.

  • Traducer (noun)

Cyber bullies are considered to be traducers, as they tweet or post with the sole purpose of hurting another person's reputation.

  • Traducible (adjective)

The traducible news article spoke falsely of Miley Cyrus's breakup.


1. When looking for credible sources it is important to find unbiased sources, as sources that traduce the opposing side tend to be unreliable.

2. The traduce of Hester caused many people to disown her, as they did not want to be associated with a person who was publicly denounced.

3. In the movie "The Clique" all the girls in the clique traduce Claire, who just moved to New York, by spreading rumors about her.

4. Many of the women killed during the Salem Witch Trails were traduced by their own neighbors and friends, who would act bewitched whenever they saw the women.