• Laura Mellon
  • Willa Pogue
  • Mrs. Mellon
  • Mr. and Mrs. Pogue
  • Angie (Laura's mom's boyfriend's daughter)
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Jessica Wolman

Summary of the Book

Laura Mellon is house cleaner with her mother. She wants to get into a good college. Willa Pogue is bad at school. She can't find a school that fits her. One day Laura and her mother are cleaning Willa's house. When the two meet they realize they look exactly alike. At first in Laura's eyes Willa looks like a rich snob. Then the two start to bond and are talking while Laura cleans. Willa gets a risky idea. They should switch lives. Laura think it is a bad idea, but later she realizes she is sick of being Laura Mellon. How far will they go to be a totally different person you will have to read Switched to find out.