Staff "Stuff"ings

September 19, 2016

Goal conferences have mapped your journey

Meeting with each of you to hear what you aim to accomplish this year has been exciting! What was even better was to hear many of you express your own excitement over your goal!

It is clear that you have your sights set on specific, attainable, challenging learning you will do to improve learning for students. You thought through the steps you'll be taking between now and Nov/Dec when you'll take your first goal "pit stop" and see how far you've gone on your journey.

What are the smaller things to do now so that you get started? What do you need to seek out, read, create, try?


Mission Statement

ILT met last week to look over the suggestions for updating our mission statement. We agreed that maybe some things were missing--either in the understanding of how to write one or what was in the example given. In the next few days I will work to gather some statements from different schools that will help us find our wording without reinventing from scratch. Those will be sent to everyone for additional feedback.


Strength in Pink

It seems as though breast cancer would have us believe that it is taking over the lives of those we love around us and leaving us with no defense. We won't take it and we refuse to believe it! In a unified stand to support the ones closest to us who have been and are battling breast cancer and winning, BHE will wear pink every Wednesday in October (and, yes, it can be with jeans).

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Robotics at BHE

This morning I announced that we are forming our first BHE teams who will participate in the Wonder League Robotics Competition. It's a small step into the use of the Dash and Dot robots that we have available for our students. We will have a total of 5 teams, 2 teams in the 6-8 year old bracket and 3 in the 9-12 year old bracket. Teams will meet to work on designing solutions to real-world science and technology challenges by programming and building extensions for their Dash & Dot robots.

We'd love for you to come by any Wednesday morning between 7:00-7:45 once we get started in October to see what the students are doing!

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Don't Forget.... Keep your Grades Updated.

Grading Expectations

With Progress Report grades due today, it's a good time to make sure you understand what's in our district grading expectations. If you haven't already done so this year, please take a few minutes to review these. When you are done, there is a form to sign that we're required to collect that will be placed in your box. Please return this signed form to Renee.


Parent Permission for Online Publication

We love to share what students are doing and parents love to see it! A picture says a thousand words. It adds life to a newsletter and it shows others what's happening at BHE.

At the beginning of each year, parents fill out a form granting us permission (or not) to publish their child’s name/voice/work/photo/video. If parents opt “no”, we are not allowed to post or publish their child’s photo or work on any public viewing online presence including websites, blog posts and social media. Skyward has the info on who has opted in or out. This is a reminder to check Skyward before posting or tweeting a student’s picture. Additionally, always check for appropriateness in the context of your picture.

Don't forget that we use the hashtag #bhelearns as our common posting so that parents can follow as well. Jill likes to use pictures in the week in review slideshow and she adds them to the front lobby slideshow. Share with her to get your pictures included!

Have you opened the SBISD app that we used at Convocation? Lots of things are being posted there daily. Check it out and add some BHE representation!



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Every Child

Carole Skelt: Altering her schedule to stay late to assure the success of her students and team!

Trish Jenkins: Researching and planning to make 5th gr Mentors' activities purposeful and meaningful so that time with mentees is valuable.

Collective Greatness

Jill Melancon & Tammy Holley: Making a great video that allowed parents to see all support staff at Back to School Nights in such a fun way!


Have you seen evidence of a Core Value in action at BHE that needs to be shared? Submit your eyewitness account and have it be recognized in a Staff Stuffing newsletter!


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