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This is my initial rough draft

The summer before my first grade year, my dad gave me the most shocking news I thought I would ever hear in my life. In our family was my mom and dad, 2 older brothers, one older sister, and me. My aunt always liked to have the four of us siblings over at her house, she was close by and was very trusted by our parents. We all got up from the table, finishing our spaghetti and going to the kitchen to wash the dishes. It was a quiet evening and sitting around the fire playing cards was a favorite with all of us. Being so young, I liked to team up with my oldest brother because he was my favorite sibling. Round after round of Rummy went by as the fire crackled nearby and it started to get late. My aunt said she was going to go to bed soon so we decided to put up our game and start to get ready for bed. My aunt’s house was very large so we all had our own place to sleep. I liked to sleep in the living room and so did one of my brothers, so I would sleep on one side of the room and he would sleep on the other. My sister slept in the guest room and my oldest brother slept in the basement. At this point, my dad had just left the house and was coming to give us the news, but all of us, including my aunt, were oblivious to anything happening at our home. I walked to the bathroom and took a nice warm shower, I dried off and then went to make my bed. I was about ready to get into bed when the door burst open and in walked my dad. He made such a ruckus that my aunt came out of her room to see what was going on. He looked very frantic, he stripped off his boots and jacket, then called everyone into the living room, he had some big news. While he was out, my mom had decided to leave for Missouri to be with some family for a while, they had been fighting and she needed a break from the huge amounts of stress. When everyone was in the living room, he told us what had happened. Even though my mom wasn’t being a bad person, as a little kid, I thought she was being a horrible person, leaving her family. My first older brother, not the oldest one, was very attached to family and started to cry, thinking that everything was over. My sister and oldest brother were much quieter and did not say much at all. Being so little, all I thought was that my mom was horrible and I just asked my dad questions, like why does she want to leave us? After things started to calm down, dad told us to get some sleep and that we would figure things out the next day. Over the next few weeks, they decided to get a divorce and mom stayed in Missouri. Dad and the four of us kids moved into a house closer to our school and we lived there for three years. After my third grade year summer, I moved up with my mom right before my fourth grade year started. The two of them talk to each other sometimes, but they don’t interact that often. Personally, they older I get the less it affects me and the less I care about what happened, I care about both of my parents and go to visit my family in Michigan frequently.