USA and Canada Realations

Buddies for life

Similar and Shared economies

The United States and Canada share a similar economy and trade billions of goods and services to each other daily. They have the worlds largest trading relationship which provides millions of jobs on both sides of the border. This is in part to their close proximity to each other and their shared freedoms and history. Many citizens of both countries move back and forth daily for jobs and economic opertunities.

Similar Political Environment

Politically the United States and Canada are similar as well. First of all, they both hold traditons of democracy while Canada is different because it is a constitutional monarchy while the United States is a constitution based republic. Both countries have a similar structure of government with there being an executive branch, legislative branch and a judicial branch. Both countries have similar laws for voting, government, etc. But, if you were to compare Canada's political system to anybody you would have to see that it is almost exactly the same as the United Kingdom. This is because Canada was part of the British Empire for a long time until it gained its independence and it most likely enjoyed how the system worked. The US and Canada have a very similar political environment and system because of they were founded by the same types of people with the same ideas. People who wanted to do their own new thing because what they had wasn't working. Also because of the major influence the USA has on many countries in the region.

Social Similarities

Both of these countries have many things in common in the cultural and social groups. First, they both speak prodominatly english with other language minorities. This is because of their history where they were both colonized and settled by the British who speak the english language. The next similarity is that they both have around a 70% white people. This is mainly because many European people immigrated to North America for more freedom and a new start in the 1700s,1800s and 1900s. Next, most of the population of each country associates with Christianity. This is because many early European settlers were Christian and this belief was passed down through the generations. So these are just a few of the many ways that these two nations are similar.

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