Hultgren Herald

3rd Grade

Week of April 25

Hello 3rd Grade Families!

Literacy: This week for writing, we have started a poetry unit. The students have had a chance to practice, Bio, Acrostic, Cinquain, and Haiku poems. We will continue next week and students will have the opportunity to publish some of their poems using their iPads.

We are continuing our nonfiction reading and learning. This week students learned how to better recognize how an author's perspective can impact the text. They also are getting more practice at distinguishing the main idea and details within a nonfiction text.

Math: We started a unit on measurement using both the metric and customary systems. Students have had to convert measurements (ex. 2 m = 200 cm). We have focused on measuring length and mass. We will continue next week with measuring capacity and elapsed time.

MCA Testing

MCA Math May 3 & 4

Testing will take place in the morning within our classrooms. Students will be taking the test on their iPads. As a result, we will not be sending iPads home next weeks for homework to be sure they are fully charged.

NWEA Testing

Math: May 17-18

Reading: May24-25

Week of May 2

  • Planners are sent home daily. Please read and initial.
  • Thursday is Phy Ed. Bring tennis shoes.
  • Media checkout on Tuesday.
  • MCA TESTING Math: May 3-4 (Headphones needed)
  • NWEA Testing Math: May 17-18 Reading: May 24-25