Lesson 8 うちでなにをしますか。

What do you do at home?

Lesson 8 Culture Disscussion is due by the Wednesday at midnight.

Hello everyone,
Today is Wednesday, and your Cultural Discussion Assignment due tonight at midnight. This week's topic is about Japanese music. I hope you will research on your own about this topic online, and not just read the class content. As always, I ask that you do not forget to cite your information sources that you researched and to keep in mind that I am going to grade your assignment based upon the rubric so please be sure that you read it all and do not miss any element of the rubric.

音楽の種類 The types of Japanese music

ジャパニーズポップス(Japanese pop music)
演歌(enka) Ballad
民謡(minyo) Tradtional songs

Shout out to Laurel!

Thank you for turning in your Writing Assignment by the due date. Your writing was very neat and clear for me to read and there was not a single mistake. Now you know how to write long vowel sounds using the - symbol as well as small tsu in Katakana words.

Lesson 8 うちでなにをしますか。(what do you do at home?)

I listen to music.

I listen to pop music.

I listen to music every day.

What kind of music do you listen to?

I listen to the jazz.

But I also listen to pop music,

What event takes place in Spring in Japan.

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