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Feb 5, 2020

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Mark your calendar

Feb 6- School Leads Call @ 7:00

Feb 6- Twitter Chat- Topic: The New Digital Citizenship @7:30

Feb 18- Webinar @ 7:30

Feb 24- Microsoft Monday Webinar @4:30

March 7- EdCamp at Alpharetta HS - RSVP HERE!

June 15th- VanCon at GaTech Hotel and Conference Center

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Module 5 is live!

We are heading into the home stretch! Just two more modules to go! Module 5 is now live. In this module, you will schedule a time to observe your mentee and complete another TIM-O. This assignment is due on February 14th.
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The deadline for earning the $500 stipend was Friday, January 31st. In order to qualify, you needed to be up to date with all modules and mentoring steps through Module 4. People who qualified for the stipend will receive a confirmation email from Heather Van Looy by Friday, February 7th. If you do not receive a confirmation email, but you feel you should have earned the stipend, please email Heather Van Looy (
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Join us on Thursday for an exciting Twitter Chat!

Calling all Teacher and Professionals of the Year!

Are you Teacher or Professional of the year this year, 2019-2020 ? please share that here.

Microsoft Forms

Hope to see you there!

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VanCon is Coming!

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VanCon is scheduled for Monday, June 15th at the Georgia Tech Hotel & Conference Center!!!! Mark your calendars and change your vacation plans! You don't want to miss this amazing conference experience JUST for FCS Vanguard members!

The Event Committee wants your input for VanCon!!! Please complete these few quick questions on the survey link here: Feedback requested by next Wednesday.

  1. What would you like to see at VanCon? (Concurrent Sessions, Deep Dive (longer or full day sessions), a Combination of Concurrent & Deep Dive, or Other).
  2. Describe your idea for presenters. (In-House Vanguard-Led, Outside Speaker/s, or Other)
  3. Do you enjoy having choice & options? (Yes, No, Other)
  4. Do you have any additional comments about VanCon?
  5. Would you be interested in helping with the event? If yes, what capacity?

Continue to check your XP

Continue to check your XP. Congratulations to all of you that will receive Stipends.

100 points deadline is due May 1, 2020! Please continue to check your points on the dashboard. If you see an error, or have a concern please reach out to the XP team provide the exact issue or concern you are experiencing. Please give us 24-48 hours to get back to you.

Chanel Johnson:

Crystal Billingslea:

Giovanna Allison:

Take Advantage of one of the BEST Vanguard Perks- On Demand PD!!!

Continue to connect and learn great tips on FCS Vanguard Teams. On demand PD, and opportunities to learn new tools are happening here authentically.
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Give them a follow!

Are you building your VLN ( Vanguard Learning Network) Here are some dynamic Vanguardians to Follow :

  1. @Ms.Sliverboard
  2. @Teachsingleton
  3. @Hodge_dv
  4. @mrsjacksonLFIST
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Vanguard Birthdays

Vanguard Wishes A Very Happy Birthday to

Quajulan Wimberly 2/4

Latasha Rutledge 2/5

Malena Bisanti 2/10

Ashley Ellis 2/25

Chanel Johnson 2/28

We want to celebrate our Vanguardian family. If you would like for us to recognize your birthday, please click this link.

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Phil Chaffer, 3rd Grade Teacher at Northwood ES @PhilChaffer

Phil is the School Lead at Northwood. Phil chronicles the great things going on in his classroom. Check out his twitter to see what's next for his class!
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Nominate someone or submit your own Spotlight Vanguard Member!

Vanleads, do you see any vanguard members at your school doing something awesome? Were they struggling with a tool before and are now using it? BRAG on our Vanguard members. If you see something awesome, please submit about your team member.

Please share your success stories with us! You may see your "Spotlight" in an upcoming Vanweekly!

Share Your Success!

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School Lead Info

Don't forget our School Lead call THIS THURSDAY at 7:00 prior to our Twitter chat at 7:30 with Heather Van Looy! The agenda will be posted in our Teams channel!

In case you missed it, January's lead information is posted in our Teams channel under the Monthly Calls & Monthly Slide Decks and here for your convenience. Please do not forget to take time to redeliver information to your teammates!

Here is January's slide deck: (See below)

The video can be found on our stream channel (soon!) or by clicking here:

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Attention all Vanguardians!

Attention all Vanguardians!

  • We are looking for Vanguard members, Seesaw Ambassadors, and experts in Standards Mastery Framework to work on a collaboration with Seesaw to help Standards Mastery Framework come alive in ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies K-5. This work requires an understanding of how to develop high quality activities in Seesaw aligned to Standards Mastery Framework Learning Targets from the Learning Maps. Also, this work will include searching through the Seesaw library of activities already created and aligning those activities to our Standards Mastery Framework Learning Targets from the Learning Maps. The application, and more information for this work will be in the Van Weekly on February 12th! This is an opportunity to earn additional pay. Additional details about the specifics will be forthcoming.

Feel free to email Becca Goddard with any burning questions.

Major Updates to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft has recently released some incredible new features for Class Teams. Take 30 min. to review this past week's Microsoft Monday webinar to learn all about the changes. This is info you don't want to miss!

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Vanguard Feedback

If you have ideas or feedback with anything related to Vanguard, we would love to hear from you! Responses are anonymous, but if you would like for us to contact you, please leave your name and email.
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Vanguard Leadership Team

Fulton County Vanguard Team

Mission: Building the capacity of instructional leaders to transform learning and teaching.

Vision: Through building colaborative relationships and supporting student focused learning, the Vanguard Team will positively impact student achievement.

Pillars: Transform, Innovate, Mentor, & Support (TIMS)

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