Project 2 Summary

By: Trevor Walswick

Prior Lake Fusion Vinyl Sticker

Project: Vinyl Sticker

Software used: Adobe Illustrater

Machine Used: Roland GX-24 Vinyl Cutter

cost: 1.458$

Final Product

Here is how the Final product turned out. As you see the registration marks arent perfect.


This project would be desirable to a specified audiance most of which would be on my Soccer team the Prior Lake Fusion, it would be for all the players with cars and the parents of all the players on the team. It may also be directed towards other family members of the players, and of course all of our fans.


There were a few obstacles, the greatest obstacle was the fusion part of the design. At first if i would have printed off my original fusion symbol it would have cut up the whole design because of the cut lines of the design. To fix this i had to find an image that i could Image trace and use so it wouldnt cut itself up while printing. Another obstacle was when i was putting the different layers together. My registration marks came off by accident when i tried putting the first two layers together so i had to try and be extra careful while putting the rest on. If i did this again i for sure would have used the clearer trnsfer tape from the very start.
Big image


Well i for sure was proud of the design i made, i was completely clueless on what to do. When i finaly thought of making a logo for my team i hit a wall when i was told my design wouldnt work properly because of the way my fusion symbol was designed. So im proud of the fact i managed to find a perfect alternative for my design.