Allergy Alert Service Dogs

Allergen Sniffing Dogs By: Amanda and Alaenah

~Allergy Alert Service Dogs~

Allergy Alert Service Dogs' main task is to sniff out allergens for people of any age that are severly allergic to allergens like peanuts. They are trained from 6 months to 1 year old before they are placed with an owner. Their training complicated, but with the help of their trainer, they get through it all, to save lives. The type of dogs that do this job are german shepards, Australian laberdoodles, poodles and goldden retreivers, because they have a keen sense of smell.

∫ Other Facts ∫

• They Cost $12,595.99

• They are right 95% of the time after trained

• their nickname is food docter dogs

« Lives At Stake «

Without these loving dogs millions of lives could be on the line. 150 kids die every year because of peanuts. With these dogs, many lives could be saved. Even though they cost so much, the parents shouldn't mind because they are protecting plus saving their loved ones lives.