LEA and Teachers

How LEA can help you as a professional

What is LEA?

Mission Statement: The Lincoln _________________ Association shall advance public education and empower education employees to ensure _______________ public education for all students; defend and expand the ________________and interests of public education employees; and _________________human, civil, and economic rights for all persons.

How can they help?

Let me tell you!

________ is committed to the principles of high quality, affordable, and universal free public education for all children and working collaboratively with Lincoln ____________ schools for the benefit of _________________________ employees, students, and the Lincoln community. The LEA and NSEA make __________________ voices of public education heard on issues that matter most to members, their students, and their profession. Experienced LEA staff are a ________________________ phone call or e-mail away. They allow for professional problem solving, when necessary.

NSEA is the Nebraska State Education Association

LEA representatives want you to know....

that they are committed to ________________ professions by offering materials, workshops, and benefits that meet the needs of educators. LEA ____________________ are here to defend its members and their rights as a LPS certificated employee.

Avocate for yourself!

Remember that LEA representatives are here for educators if they are having conflicts in the work place. Don't know how to handle a situation? Unsure of how you should respond to someone higher up than you? Call a LEA representative!