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End of Year Newsletter for Wyman/Holden Libraries

Bidding Farewell to Holden Library

We are heading into the homestretch toward summer and the end of the 2017-18 school year. This year brings an end to my tenure at Holden library. I have been working at Holden since Fall of 2001 and it will be sad to close the library doors on the last day of school. But I can look back and know that we accomplished much and are sending our students on to their new schools well prepared for success.
Fourth grade students created interactive biography riddles using ThingLink. Hover over the question mark to reveal the clues. Go in order and see if you can guess who the famous person is. View the rest of the riddles on my library page.

Cyberbullying and Internet Safety

Fifth and Sixth grade students have been working hard in library to learn about Internet Safety and Cyberbullying through CommonSense Media lessons on Nearpod. They are ready to go on to Middle School and be Upstanding Digital Citizens!
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Third and fourth grade students are Getting Loopy with Code

Sometimes the best way to teach a computer concept is without a computer. Students in the video below are learning about loops, (repeating patterns) in code. In this lesson, using loops, shortened your code and can allow you to win the prize.

Kindergarten Can Code Too

Kindergarten students are excited about completing a level in
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Summer Slide

Over the summer don't forget to encourage your child to continue learning. I always found with my own children that summer was the best time to have them explore some of their own interests. Please bookmark my library site on your home computer. There are subject guides on many topics like dinosaurs, ancient people, poetry, science, coding.... The Early Learning page nested under Students Read in the menu is perfect for K-2. Turn the summer slide in to a gain for your family! I look forward to seeing everyone next fall. Have a happy, healthy summer!

Tara Castro - Library Media Specialist

"Cutting libraries during a recession is like cutting hospitals during a plague."

– Eleanor Crumblehulme