Cultural Aspects of France

Aidan Marquardt

Specialty Shops

In France and in many French-speaking countries, people often do their grocery shopping in small neighborhood stores. Although convenience and lower prices are making supermarkets more popular, many people still prefer specialty shops for fresh food of high quality.


Meals occupy a central place in French family and social life. Lunch and dinner usually consist of several courses, and a special meal can have as many as nine courses! The French eat a wide variety of meats, fowl, and game such as duck, goose, guinea hen, and rabbit. Pastries or ice cream are usually reserved for special occasions. The evening meal is usually lighter and often meatless, and unlike in the US, eggs are eaten at dinner and rarely for breakfast.

Meals and Celebrations

In France, a meal s often a way to celebrate a friendship or a special occasion. Young people often receive a small gift on their saints day as well.
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