Eichmann Trial

By :Natalie Reeves p.2

Who is Adolf Eichmann?

Adolf E. was a Nazi who single handedly killed over 1 million Jews by himself. He joined the Nazi militia in April 1932. When the Nazis surrendered in may 1945, Adolf fled to Argentina where his family hid him for years under the name of Ricardo Klement. Many country's arms were looking for him and at the time he was one of the most wanted men from world war 2. Finally on may 11, 1960 the Israel army captured him and smuggled him back to Israel while he was walking to his home back from the bus stop.

The Trial

On may 23,1960 the prime minister of Israel put him under arrest and told his parliament hat he would be put on trial. The trial began on April 9th 1961, in Jerusalem. Eichmann had been charged with over 15 counts of crimes. These crimes included murdering, crimes against humanity, and against Jews. During his trial he was kept behind a bulletproof cage. People gave eye wittnessing testimonies. The witnesses opened up once they knew they were bringing their dictators to justice.One of Eichmann's biggest defense lines were "I was just following orders." on December 15, 1961 Adolf Eichmann was charged guilty of all 15 counts and sentenced to death. Eichmann tried to appeal but was rejected. He was hung at about midnight on June 1st, 1962. After being hung he was cremated and his ashes were spread across the sea.


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