Peek at the Week

Week of November 12th

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So Proud of the Greatness of Southview!

Staff shout out to all for your ongoing committment to great learning opportunities for kids, for meeting them where they are at, and for believing that all kids can achieve.

Staff Shout Outs

  • Thank you to Monica and her students for organizing a very touching Remembrance Day assembly and to Kim for "saving the day" by finding us a guest speaker. The beautiful song en francais by the grade 2s under the direction of Amy, Hilary and Andrea was a highlight!
  • Thank you again for welcoming our guests into your classrooms last week.
  • Thank you for supporting each other in so many different ways. We hear often about small gestures (like covering each others duties while on a trip or combining classes so someone can go to an appointment without taking a half day off) that go a long way to making the Southview staff so amazing!
  • Thank you to Andrea for running another successful We Scare Hunger campaign and organizing We Day in Ottawa for her group.
  • Thank you to our Queen's candidates for becoming a valuable part of Southview over the last 6 weeks. We look forward to having you return in the winter.
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This Week at Southview

Monday, November 12th (Day 2)

  • Joanne B. at Mentor Meeting (late arrival)
  • Bus safety presentations 1:00pm Gr. 4-6; 2:30pm Gr. 7 & 8 - gym booked from noon on

Tuesday, November 13th (Day 3)

  • Staff Meeting: School Effectiveness Visit feedback - 8:00am - Tracy's Room

Wednesday, November 14th (Day 4)

  • We Day in Ottawa!
  • Zumba
  • Joanne B. at Makerspace PD (all day)
  • Parent Council meeting 6:30pm
  • Fundraising Pick Up 3:00 - 6:00 pm

Thursday, November 15th (Day 5)

  • Progress reports go home.
  • Staff yoga with Diana (after school)

Friday, November 16th (Day 1)

  • Grade 5-8 to Queen's basketball game
  • Joanne & Kathy out at Cashless Schools training
  • Tiffany at AESA meeting (late arrival)
  • Queen's candidates last day until Februrary.

Upcoming Events and Special Days

November 19 to 22 ~ Kindness Week (Bullying Awareness & Prevention Week in Ontario)

November 19 to 22 ~ Scholastic Book Fair

November 19 ~ Hallford & Dupuis to Gould Lake

November 21 ~ Farren & Hall to Gould Lake

November 22 - Pink Shirt Day

November 27 & 28 ~ Vision Screening for SK & Grade 1

November 30 ~ PA Day - NO SCHOOL

December 4 ~ Teens Trashing Tobacco

December 6 ~ Jr. Volleyball Tournament - gym closed for the day

December 7 ~ Live Different - Grade 7 & 8 presentations in gym

December 10 ~ Gorman, Hendry & McLeod to Grand Theatre

December 14 ~ Holiday Craft Sale

December 20 ~ Primary Holiday Concert

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Embracing Differences, Learning Together