Come To The Colonies!

By Kaylee Horstman

Come to the colonies where you can have the religion you want and the things you need. You could also get your child in school to have a better understanding in life. Life will be much easier in the colonies, because there are a lot of jobs to choose from. You could stay for as long as you want. We would like it if you come visit us here in the colonies.

New England

New England is a lovely place to be. It has rivers, ocean's, and thin rocky soil. If you like having the same religion as everybody else, then New England is the place to be! There are also some settlements like, Providence, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. There is also a meeting house for church and meetings. There are also a lot of natural resources like: Timber, fish, whales, sheep, and trees. There are also a lot of jobs that you might like, such as farming, trade center, dock workers, lumber jacks, and sailors. You can build ships and more. There are a lot of goods, too, like: Crops, rice, fish, lamps and candles. In New England you can go to school. Some people own their own slave. Only men are allowed to vote. There are not a lot of women's rights. In New England there are a lot of things for you to eat, smell, see and do. Come to New England!
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The Middle has rich soil and has good settlements like New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. We also have a lot of people from different states. There is wheat, iron, and trees. We have a lot of jobs, too, that you can pick from, and that are very cool. You can be a farmer, sailor, miner, dock worker, There is trading and unloading ships. We trade with wheat, we give away land, and give out logs. We also have a very good culture. we get along with Native Americans. We don't have slaves, and we have our own religions. If you want a calm place to live in, then the Middle is the place to be!
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The Southern Colonies have rich soil and flat land, and has a lot of good settlements, like Virginia, Carolina, and Georgia. It is very hot in the Southern Colonies. They are royal colonies. We also have a lot of rice and tobacco. We have a lot of jobs, too, that you can pick from like farming, wig makers, producing goods, basket makers, watch makers, tinsmiths, and silver smiths. We also like to trade cash crop and rice. We also have a good culture. We have chores, and we have it where some kids go to school. If you like royal colonies, then this is the place to be!
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New England, the Middle, and the Southern are such interesting and cool places. Come join use in the colonies where your whole life will be filled with excitement and fun. We would like new neighbors. Come to the colonies where life is a fairy tale!