Paul Revere

By L. Sorsby

Early life

Paul revere was born January 1


1735 in Boston, Massachusetts. At 19 his dad died a silversmith and was going to do that too when he gets older. He soon joined the army and did few missions before becoming a silversmith at home. Soon after he becomes one of the sons of liberty and was in the Boston tea party. He then comes back to silversmithing. According to he led a spy ring before the midnight ride.


Paul’s dad was a silversmith but died. Paul is 23 and becomes a silversmith making pottery silverware and more. He makes lots of trade money but not enough. According to he had 13 kids so he needsmoney. So he gets a second job as a dentist so he ends up with enough money for his family.


Paul’s dad died at 19 so he had to work for the house. Also he was not old enough for most jobs. He has to join the army for money. After taxed by the brititish the war starts. He has to spy so he starts the many mistakes of the midnight ride.


Paul revere was one of the best silversmiths ever. He survived an army mission while leading a successful spy ring. He was successfully sent out on the midnight ride and we won the battles of Lexington and concord. He lived a full life with a loving family
Midnight Ride of Paul Revere (clip)