Kissing Coffins

By: Ellen Schreiber Book 2 of the Vampire Kisses series


Some characterization is through the dialogue below. Here are a couple ways characterization is shown throughout the story:

  • Raven sneaks through old manors to find Alexander.
  • Jagger will hold on to Raven's hand forcefully so he won't let Raven go.


The theme is be careful what you wish for because if you wish for something it could turn into a bad thing and then you'll wish that it never even happened.

Point of View

The point of view is first person and here is an excerpt from the story to prove that it's first person:

I gave him a dirty look and jumped off the bus, dodging an elderly couple trying to board. I ran down the road the bus had just driven up until I reached Lennox Hill Road. I turned the corner and walked past gigantic pristine estates with lush green lawns and purple and yellow flowers until I found an unkempt, overgrown weed-filled lawn.

Figurative language

Here is some of the figurative language throughout the story:

  • It looked as if a storm cloud were hovering over it.
  • From what I could see, the walls in the living room were as bare as the room itself.
  • The huge oak must have been centuries old-its trunk was as wide as a house, and its roots clutched the ground like a spider's legs.


I read from pages 72-74 and from pages 84-85. It helps build characterization for the character Jagger.


This is the summery to the book "Kissing Coffins".